Arroba: The Awakening - Chapter Eleven and Twelve.

Fantasy written by Kerri-Emmitt on Thursday 5, August 2010

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Chapter Eleven and Twelve

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'Oh... my... Goddess!' My voice comes out breathless but somehow it still carries and echoes around the huge space between us and the castle. 'It is glorious isn't it? This is where our most prised Amarians stay. Alistair is here among thirty others, including myself, my family and Druce and his.' I can't take my eyes off of the building and all I can do is nod. It is magnificent yet strangely solemn and alone at the same time but still so authentic you would think it had literally been stolen from a small 'ye olde village' somewhere and been planted here. Maybe it had, maybe the Sovereign are just that powerful and they can take whatever they want - like taking me. He lightly takes hold of my elbow and guides me forward. As we get closer the torches of fire begin to hiss and sing. My knees loose all strength as that haunting, ringing sound slithers into my ears and seems to vibrate through my entire body and I can't walk any longer. 'What the hell is that?' I breathe. Inigo looks over to the dancing flames and smiles, 'Oh, they will not hurt you.' 'What are they?' 'You will soon learn that not everything that looks seemingly normal is quite that here Dione. The lamps are a live, they are entities themselves just like the grass outside of our caverns and the pool of Blanuss liquid we passed a little while ago - it all lives, it all has a purpose, just as we do.' 'What is Blanuss liquid?' 'You will have plenty of time to ask as many questions as you like after we get you settled.' I nod and let him guide me on once again. My knees are a little wobbly but I manage to walk all the way to the great door somehow without falling on my face'I wasn't even watching where I was going. As we get closer the lamps get louder and I am just about to turn and run in the other direction when Inigo stops and starts whispering to them. 'Shh, this is Dione, she is our guest.' he pauses for a moment, seemingly getting an answer from the freaky little flames and then he continues, 'You must be nice.' 'Okay, in another Realm or not, that has to be the most disturbing thing I have seen so far!' I try to make it sound light and teasing but when Inigo's eyes lock with mine I instantly wish I hadn't bothered. 'Nothing within these walls is disturbing or evil Dione!' 'I, Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to sound that way.' He doesn't give me another moment; he lets go of my elbow like nothing strange has just happened and pushes the wooden door open with a medium amount of effort and were illuminated. The lights are bright within the castle but you would never have guessed from the outside. We walk in and Inigo leads me through the main reception area quickly, only giving me a chance to quickly glance at the room around me. I'm sure I can hear more of those awful lamps but he gives me no time to look and then we are plunged into darkness as we climb the many stone steps. 'I will give you a tour soon but for now, I need to get you to your room.' I only nod and let him guide me up the steps. When we reach the top we come out onto a landing - a landing as large as my whole apartment back home - and I say landing because even though it is huge and could act as a room, it eventually comes to a finish at the very end. Where the only decoration is a window facing us with lead banding running horizontally through the glass. Mahogany doors line either side of the landing and set off the perfect, unmarked, deep red of the carpet. He pulls me along quickly to the third door on the right and with no hesitation, in we go. I'm not sure what I was expecting for my room but this is not it; two of the four walls in the room are the very same colour as my eyes and the other two a rich cream. The carpet is cream also but with a delicate pattern of roses and vines pressed within the fibres. There are many pieces of furniture dotting around the huge room; chest of draws, wardrobe, writing desk, dressing table and two round leather, antique chairs all mahogany. The bed sits in the center of the room like the true focal point it quite rightfully is, it's four posted of darkest mahogany and carved so heavily that I'm sure it would take me a year to see all of its detail. Deep, green silk drapes hang from both sides and the bed is dressed in the same - silk everywhere. Even the curtains around the only two windows are embellished, heavy silk. I walk in and Inigo leaves me to stand in the middle of the room, silently watching as I take in my surroundings. When I turn to him and speak, minutes later, he is still watching me. 'Has this been decorated especially for me? The colour is the exact shade of my eyes.' 'Yes, we thought you would like it.' 'Yeah, it's nice.' What else could I say? You're all 'lamp whispering psychos' with a severe inability to register any kind of fear or distaste? Of course I don't like the fucking room... it may be the colour of my eyes but just because my eyes are emerald green doesn't mean I want my entire life to be surrounded by the bloody stuff. Stupid, materialistic Amarian's. This will never be my things or my room whether it's painted green or blood red! It's a good a job he can't hear my thoughts because somehow I think if he could then I would get a lot more from him than a little polite conversation. 'It is our way of saying 'feel at home'.' And with that he turns around and exits the room. I sit down on the bed and cry. A silly reaction to my new, apparently glorious room but it isn't mine, that's the point and I intend on never letting myself get use to it! I could never feel at home here because I'm just as much a prisoner as the rest of them. I pace the room for a long time, trying to herd my ranting thoughts into something coherent but I fail miserably. Everything that Inigo has told me hasn't really sunk in, how can it? It's just too farfetched, too ludicrous. I don't know if I'm coming or going, if I belong or whether they will give me my death sentencing at any given moment. I haven't felt this kind of uncertainty since my childhood and that's a horrible thought. I'm looking out of one of the windows when I hear the door to my room open. I'm just about to turn around and shout at whoever it is to leave me alone when I feel a hand on my shoulder and know who it is, instantly. I turn around, throwing myself into his arms. He strokes my hair and kisses the top of my head until I have myself a little under control. When I think I can compose myself enough to speak I step away from him and that's when I see her; stood at the very far end of the room, scowling at us. 'Oh Lucille, I didn't realise you were here.' 'I can see that.' There is so much venom in her voice it would kill if it were a physical thing. 'Lucille, watch your tongue.' Ali warns. She looks down to the floor and stands board straight with her pretty red hair covering nearly all of her face. 'Yes Sire.' Again it's said mockingly. 'Lucille, leave us. I need to talk with Dione, alone.' Her head snaps up and she searches his eyes. She mustn't like what she sees because eventually her face crumples and she turns and leaves. Ali relaxes instantly. 'I'm sorry, I should have known better than to bring her to your room.' 'My room, ha! This could not feel more unfamiliar to me Ali.' 'Well it is yours for the duration of your stay, that is all I meant.' He walks away from me and leans against the writing desk. He pulls out that ancient silver coin and begins to roll it between his fingers. When he does this it's a way for him to collect his thoughts and I know for sure that that means whatever is just about to come out of his mouth, is serious or important or both. I sit down on the bed and look up at him. He's still the exact same man I have known for five years but now there seems to be an added weight to him. A weight that only comes with added responsibility and worries. Which brings me back to something I should have asked him originally. 'Why is everyone calling you Sire?' The coin stops mid roll and he places it back into the little pocket in the front of his deep blue waist coat. He sighs heavily and then looks up at me. There is a flinching in his eyes, as if I have asked something, unknowingly, much more important or difficult to answer than I believe. 'I have been promoted. I have taken Inigo' place as second within the Sovereign.' 'How did that happen? You have only been here a week.' 'No Dione, time works differently here. Each of your Earth hours translates into eight for us.' I do the mental math and then my jaw drops to the floor. 'That means you have been here for the equivalent of sixty four days already. Oh my Goddess Ali.' My voice is barely a whisper but he hears me, nodding in response. 'Why did they promote you?' 'I think that was their plan from the beginning but who knows the true reasons for it other than them. All I know, is that I couldn't refuse because to refuse such a gift is like treason to these people.' 'What happened in that hallway Ali?'

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    I'm in a huge room; the walls are grey stone, lamps of fire sit in every corner but their glow is strange and I am sure there is something flickering in the centre of them; a slightly whiter light then the surrounding flame. -than

    "Please Inigo, I do not want his
    - this?

    A few of these but a great tale, well-written.
    flutter through me like a real of film - I think you mean 'reel of film.'

    A few small errors like this here and there, but, on the whole, excellent. Nicely written.
    Okay; finally got through reading this; your submissions are getting a s long as mine, lol.

    This is, as usual, an exemplary piece of imaginative fiction. The imagery is sharp, and the lesser characters are as nicely detailed as the main.

    There are the usual minor glitches you get in any work of this length, but I think your proofreader got most of them.

    I'm loving where this is going; keep up the good work.

    Good work, and check your e-mail.
    I proofread it and that'll be why there's mistakes Smile Thank you again for taking the time to read my subs. Verm - I've sent an email.