Darker Than Black

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Essay is the closet match but its a freewrite

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Do you know what true darkness is? Do you know how it feels as it swallows everything you hold dear; your hope, your dreams, and your future. Many have times where the light dims and the Darkness grows, however this is nothing compared to those who understand true darkness. Those who were born in the Darkness and held close to its bosom know this. Moreover we all know, and no matter how hard we try to escape, the shadows overcome us. Grief at its utmost, harboring remorse, regret, and the desire for revenge is what we hold inside. Over time, those trapped in the Darkness begin to resent those who frolic in the light. Never do they notice us, never do they come to our aid-oh how we wish they would, yet they cannot hear our silent cries over the sound of laughter. Too consumed in their own selfish doings to bother to take a second look. So we sit quietly and observe them from a distance, cursing ourselves for our own weakness. There are more of us than there are of them so why are we the lonely ones? Why don't we stand and say something? Are we cursed to live and die in this Darkness; while history forgets our existence? Maybe we are. The truth is that if we were in the light, we probably wouldn't bother to look towards the shadows either. So we conclude that it is only human to look after one's own interest. The problem doesn't lie with the Day-Walkers, but within the human heart. So we direct our hate back to ourselves and back to the Darkness; the Darkness deepens. Another truth most of us will never let come to the light is this: We have all tried to escape using someone close to us to latch on to, just for a while; just until our eyes adjust to the light. We grasp for anyone; friends, family, lovers. Yet imagine, if you will, how silly our faces must have looked when that person broke the bond, leaving us to fall deeper into the Dark Pit. And if you can, picture the many riddles and questions that would run through a person's thoughts during their decent. After a seemingly endless amount of times of reaching out and falling farther and farther into nothingness, we reach the point of helplessness; the bottom of the well with the darkest of black. The lucky ones find the Grim Reaper standing there with open arms but for the rest of us...we find nothing. So what do we do? What would you do, when even hate and envy can no longer sustain you? What do you do when revenge proves pointless and resentment holds no weight? The answer is simple...nothing. You just sit and wait...hoping that someone looks toward the Dark.

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  • A lot of truth here. You did a great job of asking and then answering the question. You did it very smoothly and very seamlessly. Excellent work.
    - July 16 2010 09:24:23
    • person's thoughts during their decent. - I think you mean descent here.

      This is a pretty impressive piece of freewriting. It is, however, very dark and despairing.

      I take issue with one point. You say we reach for someone in the light, and, inevitably fail. Siddhartha says, "When the student recognizes their needs and expresses them, a teacher appears."

      Jesus said, "I am with you always. You need only open your heart and mind."

      Although we live in darkness, there is always hope.
      - July 17 2010 02:01:05
      • The last paragraph gave me goose bumps. Even though the whole piece is beautiful yet morose, the last paragraph is exceptional and extremely heartfelt.

        The last sentence, to me, speaks volumes and is something many, including myself in certain times in my life, should always continue to do. As your right, no matter how hard, dark or unforgiving things are, someone will eventually turn and look into your eyes and understand the weight that lives within your heart - that alone, sets you free, I believe.

        Excellent work.
        - July 18 2010 20:29:19