The Meryanded Forest

Fantasy written by Dnavarre on Tuesday 29, June 2010

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I was going somewhere with this...but I don't know where.

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A heavy fog swept over the gently tumbling leaves of the Meryanded Forest. The predawn chill remained, listening to the wind's whispers and the foliage's concurrent, rolling reply. The moon, with the last of its seen visage, wished the vanishing world a good day, as it always did when the sun brought an end to every stark night. Owls returned to the notches in the trees, their hunts at a temporary end. Moths found mildly safe havens in the forest world, right out in the open, preparing to be replaced by their feminine counterparts. The flyers that lit up the sky with their attractive assets, those still remaining in the mid-autumn, hid quietly away. The less savory creatures of the dark disappeared into secret crevices only known to the forest and the smallest creatures. The sun glimpsed the world below and smiled heavily on them, unaware of the cycle through which it should be cooling and relaxing. An autumn fox stretched his legs and darted off into unseen territory, silent as the cool waters of the central lake. The canopy continued to lessen, becoming more and more bare and allowing some creatures to witness the sun's warmth for the first time. Not so slowly, the forest became just another part of the world; beautiful in its own way, and never once becoming dull. When the next spring came, it would start again. Hundreds of living things would live and hundreds would die. The trees would grow ever taller, reaching for the celestial bodies they bore witness to with endless fervor, simultaneously stretching to blanket its misunderstood beauty over the rest of the world. Death is the most natural thing in this world, and the Meryanded Forest and all its inhabitants know that all things of all sizes deserve to, at least once, see life at its fullest.

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    ...I was going somewhere with this, but I don't know where, exactly. After the first paragraph, I felt it didn't to be an actual I did this. I don't like the last paragraph...would this be better without an ending?

    I also think its my best work ever, no matter how short. I can't just delete this.
    Then go someplace with it. It is very good but you have to take it someplace. Let it simmer.
    It think it's just fine, as it is.

    It's a nice little diorama; that evokes the feel of life and death in nature.

    I like this.
    You a Bhuddist, by any chance?
    Haha, no. I'm a Christian. I just enjoy life; it's ups, it's downs, and people really need to learn to enjoy the beauty it has.

    And the not-beauty...damn mosquitoes.