Prose written by Rob Kosy on Saturday 26, June 2010

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From the floundering clay of this great nation's hopes they shall craft belief. In the face of beleagured confidence, from the bowles of dented dreams, they shall scream their defiance. The field upon which this great game was born shall run red with passion, spirit and heart for the fight. And when the dust has settled, the crowd holding breath; their foes will lay exhausted and vanquished at their feet. Then, my friends, we shall truly hear the three lions roar! COME ON ENGLAND!

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    Germany 4 England 1

    Damn! I was so confident when I wrote that.

    Ah well, roll on August and the premier league.
    Sad that england lost, but I still love this nonetheless Smile
    Well, damn!
    Oh, well. As I say to some of my crazier than me friends, 'it's only football!'

    I wish the England players displayed the same passion and belief as you Rob, I watched the France game last night and we showed all the national pride of a McDonalds Salad.
    Yea, savage, I watched it, too. It reminded me of the last time I spat on a window & monitored the hockle's stuttering, downward slide to the sill.

    Give the job to uncle Harry!