My Castle of Thorns

Prose written by Unseelie_girl on Thursday 24, June 2010

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a sequel poem to "Beauty"

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My darling, are you prepared to listen? As within a castle of thorns, I wake. Not to you though sweetheart, but you know that, allowing such handsome prince, to take me away, and give me my happy ending. Such as it was written, as I was sent to slumber, and wait. I have gazed into shards of broken glass, and wept at what I saw, in my dreams I was beautiful, and my castle of thorns, bloomed. Youth had yet to leave me, and though enchanted I slept, I was happy with my hound at my feet. No, eternity has not been kind, and I now stand alone, and broken. Away from thorny tower, I lie beside my prince, though now his hands are heavy, and they bruise. Sweetheart, of what did I dream? well of fur, and a row of needle sharp teeth. So I shall sleep so close to you, your head upon his wall, and at the moon you'll stay silent, with no tears for the dawn. My darling, tonight I sleep eternally, without threat of enchanted lips, to waken me. In everlasting dreams I'll be with you, as beautiful as before, and within our castle of thorns, my darling, I'll slumber, with my hound at my feet.

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    As before, some fabulous imagery here. I love this.
    Very, very nice.
    Very beautiful, as always.
    Very good. You have a way with words.