Poem written by Mythbhavd on Monday 14, June 2010

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This was written for our first anniversary. What can I say? I love her. I wrote it with the music from "Desert Rose" by White Heart in mind. Didn

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She holds me in her arms Keeps my heart from knowing harm Her gentle touch soothes cares away She looks into my eyes from her I cannot hide the hope she stirs up deep inside And I want her Need her Oh Father, I love her and I thank you for her and the joy she brings She shares her dreams with me gives her heart into my keep Over her I will stand guard I look into her eyes and feel a sense of warmth inside I'm so thankful she's my bride

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    and I think you- did you mean thank

    You need punctuation.

    Very nice sentiment and very nicely written.
    As Don; beautiful sentiment.
    It should be set to music.