Glass Roses

Poem written by Dnavarre on Saturday 5, June 2010

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While I take a break from the story...

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    Not bad at all. I like it.
    Which is funny because I hate it.
    why write something you hate?
    I hate making people feel bad. Maybe I'm being a little (very) pompous here, but I like to think I'm a good poet. The only problem is, my first two years of poems were all depressing and created at the darkest time of my life (so far). Then, I got a lot better. Now, I'm back to doing something like this and I hate it.

    To mark in with my "I think I'm a good poet" thing, I also like to think that I make people feel what I want them to feel when I write a poem. I don't want to feel bad, so why should I make everybody else?

    See? Kind of (very) pompous.
    You weren't gone long.

    lol @ don

    Good verse. Smile
    but i like it too although it is little sad.
    anyone read "gitanjali by ravindranath tagore?
    i am reading his book of songs offerings, some words in english is tough..he wrote really good poems.
    i like this! i love the imagery and the darkness behind it, However dark writings are always right down my alley. it didn't make me feel bad...jus kinda vengeful, i like thanks. Smile