A - Willows Run. Chapter 10

Story written by common on Friday 4, June 2010

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The Cold Of War Can Still Make You Feel Alive

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Chapter Ten ' Willow I pace around the room trying to work out my next move, Tillman and Gary's eyes firmly fixed on me. They were burning. The faint sound of a child could be heard laughing and playing in an adjoining room. Slowly I walked over to the door leading into that room and slowly pushed it open. A group of dark eyed hairless people instantly locked onto me. They all seemed without any emotion; they all looked at me blankly then turned and stared into the middle of the room where a little girl sat throwing a ball into the air, the only one to show any resemblance of normality. I pulled the door shut and swung around, in a swift motion drawing my pistol aiming it directly at Gary. 'What are they? Let them go now or your brains are on the floor' I say in slight anger. A feeling of control flows through my body. Weapon in hand I feel whole. Gary stood and smiled at me. He started walking towards me, but quickly stopped as I shot a round between his feet. He held up a hand. 'They are the beginning of what you helped create' 'I helped create none of this, but I will be the end of it' I say and swing around shooting one of the chambers on the side of the room. The glass cracks and shatters, gushing water out onto the floor. The body within slides out onto the floor and lay lifeless. 'What are you doing!' Gary spits as he draws a gun from his jacket. Catching me off guard, fires a round into my thigh. I fall to the ground, losing my gun in the process. I lay clutching my leg. A small stream of blood flowing from my thigh. He walks towards me, gun pointed straight at my head. 'You shouldn't have done that' The gun feels cold against my head. 'You could have been so much Willow. I guess we haven't created perfection ' yet' I look up at Gary, unafraid of what is about to happen to me. This is it. So I thought. I notice Tillman slowly coming up behind Gary. I smile. 'What are you smiling at?' Gary asks. He catches Tillman in the corner of his eye and swings around. Tillman landing a blow to the side of Gary's head as he does so catching him off guard, he fires off a round hitting and shattering another chamber on the other side of the room. I push myself backwards with my feet, wincing in pain, each time forcing more blood out of the bullet hole in my thigh. Gary and Tillman exchange blows as they fight on the floor. Tillman knocks the gun from his hand and straddles him punching him repeatedly. Gary falls limp. Looking almost like the lifeless beings that came from the chambers. Tillman stands slowly and starts walking towards me. He leans down and retrieves my gun on the way. 'Willow, it's ok. Let's blow this place. There are some explosive charges in the weapons bay back down the hallway' 'Tillman!' I scream at him as the sound of a gun sliding back, chambering a bullet rings out behind Tillman. Tillman's eyes go wide as blood sprays from his chest as the bullets pass through him. One and then another. He falls to his knees. His eyes fixed on me. He slides my gun across the floor to me and then falls onto his stomach, face down against the cold floor. Gary sitting up laughs as the smoke from the gun floats from the barrel. I squeezed the trigger again and again. The clip was empty. I pick my gun up, squeezing it tightly and walk to Gary standing over him pointing the gun at his head. He looks up at me. 'So what'll it be Willow?' I smile and lower the gun shooting him in the thigh. He screams out in pain, it echoes around the room. I smile and aim and shoot him in the other, then again in the shoulder. He cries out in desperation. 'This is your perfect soldier is it Gary?' I say smiling. I squeeze off another round into his other shoulder, the blood pooling beside him. He lay flat on his back looking towards the ceiling, breathing heavily. The pool of blood growing as his face grew paler. I stand over him, one leg on either side of his chest and aim the gun at his chest. 'This is it Gary' His eyes were wide. The terror could be seen within them. In quick succession I unload the remainder of the clip into his chest, the spray of blood going against my pant leggings. I place the now empty gun on his chest and walk back to Tillman who had managed to roll over onto his back. I pull him up, sitting behind him, my legs placed down his sides. 'It's over Tillman' I say quietly 'Not...not yet, Willow. You have to destroy this place or it will keep going' I look around the room. He was right. Those people in the room were the new breed. Yet to become fully active, the remaining chambers had to be destroyed. The whole place had to go. But the little girl? No. Not her. Why was she different to the others? Perhaps she was the perfect one, yet to understand her purpose and full potential to kill. Tillman started coughing heavily, blood coming from the corner of his lips. 'I'll get you out of here Tillman, just hold on a little longer ok' He smiled up at me and with his remaining strength kissed my lips; I kissed him back holding it for as long as possible. A small tear welled in my eye and fell down my cheek. He fell away from my lips and looked directly in my eyes. 'I love you Willow' he said smiling and closed his eyes, drifting away. I closed my eyes as tears fell freely. 'I love you too Tillman' I say, standing and walking over to the adjoining room where the people still sat staring at the little girl. She looked at me. 'What's your name? Do you want to play?' 'I'm sorry' Is all I could say as I pulled the door closed and made for the weapons bay to retrieve the explosive charges. I place them in what I feel are the most effective areas of the room. My mind telling me I am correct as I go. This feels to natural. I set the charges and run for the front entrance door. The face of the little girl rolling over and over in my mind as I make my way out of the facility. I'm so sorry is all I can say. I round the corner and into the room we previously blew the wall open on as the first charge goes off inside. Then the next charge goes off in a chain reaction of explosions. It's over. Goodbye Tillman. If only... If only... I stand looking back at the facility that now stands burning; a little girl approaches with a teddy bear in her arms. Her dress half burnt, but she was unscathed walks up to me and places her hand in mine. I take her hand holding it. A small name tag on her wrist floats gently in the breeze. It was a grouping of numbers. '945569' No, it can't be I think as the numbers decode in my mind to reveal a word. I look down at her. 'So, what's your name?' I ask She smiles up at me and replies. 'Willow'

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    As I read this, quote marks appear as boxes. When that kink is ironed out, it will be fine.

    Good end to a nice story.