Taken at Ease

Poem written by Natasha on Monday 18, February 2002

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Do not try to figure things out, Let them take place as you progress. For things happen for a reason at any cost or amount, To dwell on logic would only make *thinking* odd and senseless. Purposes will surface at their own pace, As precious time will be spent on searching. Just support the flow, let happiness shine through your troubled face, And let all hesitations complete their obscure tracking. When everything seems perfect, too good to be true, Do not search for doubts to prove there is no such thing. For our time together is special to me as it is for you, We both know this is no particular crush nor fling. Let us spend nothing but a pleasant and wondrous duration, As we create a world of pure thought through our memories. With no trace of any uncertainty nor apprehension, So that we may look back on them with ease. I Love You with all my heart, An overwhelming feeling which will never depart. And so I ask you but one favour... to simply think of the good and leave the bad to disembark. When the time finally comes for you and I to part.

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