"I See" (For MalicePoint... by the way, it's random as hell)(and it s

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I straight up wrote a rap from those last few statements. Nothin to do with virgins in basements. This flow is pretty nutty, so trust me: don't trust me. It's been a while so my mind is pretty rusty (not to mention crusty).

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"I see" Said the blind man after walking through a breeze of fine sand. Ouch. Why's there potatoes in the couch? That's unsanitary like a jail-broken janitor named Larry. Or Barry. White. Thinks chicks will dig him if he gets the Enzyte. But where's his insight? He can't live without it, If anybody knows anything, just shout it. At the top of your lungs, or however far your voice goes. I hate allergies when they clog up my nose. By the way, who got all my flows? This guy, right here. after all that, I think he deserves a beer. Second thought, make it a double. When that chick's around, all she brings about is trouble. Nothin' good ever comes outta her. For Christmas, she doesn't even deserve Frankincense and Myrrh. Never mind the gold. When she's wetta, you betta grab a sweata cause she can get pretty cold. Now that I'm here, I better leave with her. Take off a load, lest you piss off the wrong witch and end up a toad. I've seen it happen, it's not that pretty. Matter of fact, I'd say it's very pretty shitty. And then some. Nasty dudes wanna make you eyeliner run with their cum. -Woah- That was pretty vulgar. When he's on the mic, he talks about gin & tulger. What's that? I don't know. But whateva you do, do not boo the flow...

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  • I enjoyed this! Well done! Very, very good!
    - May 29 2010 17:44:34
    • I have no idea what to say here.
      - May 29 2010 17:50:06
      • I don't have any ides what you're saying here.
        - May 31 2010 03:42:19
        • Yeah, me either Pfft
          - May 31 2010 05:14:46
          • This guys white by the way, not a gangster.
            - May 31 2010 16:17:31