Upon an Angel's smile

Fantasy written by Dnavarre on Monday 10, May 2010

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A day in your arms, a moment in your eyes

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Her violet eyes lit up the afternoon sun and, in turn, danced miracles off her glistening lips. The glittering laid against everything and made it all beautiful; the naked trees, the golden-brown foliage they left littered on the snow-white grass, the grass itself, all the insects that crawled upon it, and even the checkered blanket upon which rested a few apple cores and a small twined basket. A soft and sighing wind wandered into our small campsite and just as quickly left, embarrassed. She was waiting for somebody to make a move. The smell of roses radiated off her heavily, and it was okay. Her pale and clawed hand scurried up her shaded legs, folded carefully under her. Memory moaned behind her like a motion picture; a memory of the future. Kids prancing playfully in tall grass, many a fire in an already moonlit area with two people laying down, arms outstretched to point out the shapes of stars, and the smile that somehow, against all impossibilities, captured all her inhumane and providential beauty. She tilted her head, and the smile was gone. There was one still warming her lips, but now it was more polite. "What are you looking at?" she asked in a miraculous harmony she had proven with songs through the morning. Not even the dryness heard in her throat hurt it. "Nothing." I replied and softly shoved her to the ground. In her giggles, our lips met once more.

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    Very beautiful, Dn. I agree with the others, there are a couple of sentences that don't work but still a great piece.