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Poem written by enigmia on Sunday 9, May 2010

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It is its own satisfaction to say exactly what you mean.

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It is its own satisfaction to say exactly what you mean. Every word in its place, every placed word pleasing; Language dancing to the song of meaning. A formless, inner anti-void Tethered, wrangled and fitted into tailor-made suits of purpose; Spot luminescence in a depth unchurned by anatomy; Evidence of an ever occurring event processing beneath the organelles; Flashed glances of the liquid being slipping between the atomic structures; An essence The soul You. Nothing pleases quite like clarity.

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    A good take on- "Say exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say."

    organelles- had to look this up.

    I'm not sure the punctuation is quite right. It may be the way poetry is done but otherwise it isn't correct.
    I like this poem a lot. That last paragraph(i don't know what you poets call it) was beautifully written
    juve7 - it's called a stanza or verse.

    Nicely done.