Poem written by nimsun on Sunday 9, May 2010

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some old memories cause both pain and smile

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darkness around me,no light coldness around me,no warmth suddenly a forgotten fragment spread the light and warmth hope arises and candle flickers causing deep pain in my chest i pushed the thought far away friend with coldness and darkness and again i betrayed my comrades lit up the candle and hoped light and warmth around me my chest hurts,no turning back darkness at the bottom of light

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    I read this but I can't really rate it. I enjoyed it well enough.

    I think the constuction is wrong. Every line should start with a capital letter. I'm not sure how poems are punctuated but this one I know.
    yeah....it was just a process i wrote may be.....thnx for tellling me...
    Interesting. Don touched on the bug. A nice verbalization of an abstraction.