Set Me Free

Poem written by Natasha on Monday 18, February 2002

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Get me out of this fucked up hell hole. I need a life, I need the freedom. Fuck you all, does it look like I care? Step the hell away, don't you make me go there. You think you know what's best for me? Fuck you!!! You don't know shit. Get to your point, try to see my reality. Tell me what you see. Do you see me there? Do you see me? I'm standing in the dark you fool. You can't see nothin', you're all full of shit. Your minds aren't clear enough. You say shit too fast. How the hell do you want me to understand? Go get yourselves checked, see a doctor. Tell him you need to get your head out of your stuck up ass. Are you all out to hurt me? Congrads, you fucked me up real good! What? You want me to clap? Screw off Bitch, how's about you start by setting me free. You say you're tired of hearing me complaining. Well shut the hell up, and stop your nagging. Don't you put that hand on my shoulder as if you cared. Who do you think you're foolin'? Even God knows you're fucked up in there, You think I'm scared? Scared of what Bitch?! All I get to see are the four walls of this damn house. All I get to hear is the bullshit that comes outta your mouth. Drugs, is that what you think I'm on? You think I take 'em as my midnight snack? Try again fool! Maybe you be the one who be messin' with that damn prozzak. Let me out of here, let me be. God damnit Bitch, set me free!!

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