Vampires III: Cassandra

Horror story written by kt6550 on Wednesday 21, April 2010

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Clark Myers, Part II
Clarke Myers finished his cigarette and headed to the deck below. He entered the lounge, turned on the TV, and began to watch a mindless movie. The Captain entered and asked if he and the crew could retire for the evening, as they would be sailing for Miami early. Clarke said yes. Then the housekeeper/cook entered and asked if he required anything else for the night. Clarke said no, but he would want breakfast at his usual time. Clarke would spend three days in Miami, shipping the girls back to New York City on his private Gulfstream jet. He watched the movie until eleven-thirty and then headed back up to his office. Clarke moved the crystal ball to a place on his desk where he could easily reach it with his right hand. Then he moved the phone to a spot where he could reach it with his left. He turned out the lights, sat back in his chair, and closed his eyes. He placed his right hand on the crystal ball. The small black crystal began to glow a bit, and then started to slowly rotate. As it rotated, the crystal filled with a thick, black smoke. Next, the crystal spoke. The voice was a soft, low bass, and was very comforting. It was not loud, but anyone in the office would hear it. "Have you payment ready?" asked the voice. "You know, Clarke, that I was not quite satisfied with your last payment." "Payment is ready," said Clarke, in a very business-like tone. "There are three young females, one black, one blonde, and one brunette, in their staterooms, for your pleasure. All are quite attractive and under the age of twenty-five." "One, two, or all three?" asked the voice. "Any number that you wish for your payment," responded Clarke. "This could be interesting." "Where is she located?" asked Clarke. "And what is her name?" "Suburban Philadelphia. A remote suburb, " answered the voice. "And her name is Cassandra." "You will not narrow it down?" "Upon completion of payment," responded the voice. "And so we bargain," said Clarke, grinning. "Always. Clarke, I must warn you," said the voice, after a brief sigh, "this woman is not to be trifled with. She is powerful, and her power exceeds mine. I would tread very, very carefully." "I understand perfectly," said Clarke. "Permit me to make travel arrangements before we proceed, please." "Granted." Clarke kept his right hand on the ball. He opened his eyes and activated the phone. The number he had programmed was known by only one man in the world, and that was the number of his personal secretary, Christopher Stiles. Clarke paid Christopher four million a year to be at his beck and call twenty-four by seven, any day of the week. And Christopher had never failed him. Even though it was past midnight, Clarke placed the call. "Yes, Mr. Myers?" answered a very sleepy voice on the other end. "Christopher, have the Gulfstream in Miami in two days. There will be three female passengers to be transported to New York," said Clarke. "I will be in Miami for three days. I will give you the details tomorrow morning. Have the jet return to Miami to pick me up and transport me to Philadelphia. I will require casual clothing; blue jeans and the like. I will also require a car; a Honda or a Ford will do nicely. Something unobtrusive." "I understand, Mr. Myers," said Christopher, now fully awake. "And the yacht?" "I will instruct the Captain to return to New York City." "Understood, Mr. Myers," said Christopher. "I will begin first thing in the morning." "Fine," said Clarke, terminating the call. He relaxed and sat back in the chair. "May I collect my payment now?" asked the voice. "Yes, of course," answered Clarke. The black cloud in the crystal ball grew very agitated, and then slowly diffused from the ball into the room. It formed a rough cloud and slowly encircled Clarke Myers. It entered Myers's body through his mouth, ears, and nose. When the cloud had completely entered Clarke's body, Clarke opened his eyes, smiled, and stood up and stretched. Clarke, or the possessed Clarke, turned on the light. It headed out of the office to the lounge. Once there, it dropped two ice cubes into a tumbler and poured a generous amount of Grey Goose vodka into the glass. It plucked a microscope slide from the cupboard and placed two very straight and long lines of cocaine on the slide. Then it grabbed a straw and snorted the coke. Clarke lit a cigarette and went out on deck for a moment. It polished off the vodka in one gulp. It took a few puffs on the cigarette and tossed both it and the tumbler into the ocean. Then, wearing a vile grin, it headed down to the staterooms where the women were sleeping.

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    I have another ending for this. However, I had been wanting to do a story with Jeanette as the central character for a while. I almost have the outline completed. Since she appears a lot in this story, I decided to use it as a lead to the Jeanette story.
    Welcome back, man! Nice piece
    I'm a couple of days away from commenting. Just wanted you to know I am reading this. I have had to adjust my knowledge of vampires.
    Still, she had the psychic feeling that something was not quite right that all vampires get once in a while.- seems a little awkward.

    Still, she had the psysic feeling, that all vampires get once in a while, that something was not quite right.- less awkward.

    This changed what I thought about vampires. I thought it was a Middle Ages thing that happened only at night. Damn Hollywood.

    Good story, well told.
    misplaced modifier.
    Have just started - comment/rating will follow soon.
    Still on the first one...

    Sakhmet could well have become my So'Hala in Platinum Sun

    I loved this tale; it was just the thing to kick back and enjoy with a glass of whiskey and some good music.

    Thank you Kt, for this.
    I saved this for the weekend, as I wouldn't have had time to read and absorb it properly on the day you posted it.

    I loved the entire history thing and the demon in the orb was first rate.
    I did think Clarke would have turned out to be a little more formidable and the demon went out with a bit of a whimper (but just personal taste).

    A great story overall, well paced, engrossing and impressively written.
    Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it!Wink
    Okay. The grammar is fixed. Just a thought of my own. In 'A Vampire War', I wanted to present Cassandra as being very powerful. When I decided to do a history of her, I had a ton of problems sticking with that theme. That's probably why Clarke and the demon are so weak at the end; they really cannot even come close to harming her.