Dormant: A Past Left Sleeping

Sci-Fi Story written by Sabbat on Monday 19, April %15

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The harnessing of E-Ther averted War and helped break our need for fossil fuels. Until we made it into nukes... that was 600 years ago, and the Earth is a a very different place, as beautiful and mysterious as it is and dangerous. Post Apoc with a twist

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Humanity's reliance on fossil fuels drove the world to the brink of World War 3. Energy was running out. It was that simple. In the time between 2010 and 2030, the world searched tirelessly for an alternative. At last, a better option was discovered. The Chinese had called it Chi, literature called it the Soul. It was the breath of a world that lay wounded, sick from abuse. This energy permeated everything, flowing like water in an ocean. It was dubbed E-Ther. All energy had its price, and would diminish with use, making it finite. E-Ther, however, was different. For every part of it that was borrowed, equal amounts were returned to nature, pure and still useable. If harnessed right, it was quite literally infinite. Battery technology rushed to meet this development, containers created to draw upon E-Ther and store it safely. Machinery was designed to take advantage of these cells. The human race progressed far in a very short time. With E-Ther replacing conventional power sources in the decades to come, modern society no longer harmed the ecosystem, but became a literal part of its energy flow. Technology advanced faster then man could cope with, and so they created the Sages. Organic super computers tasked with handling the immense and constant flow of data, they were given a small portion of self awareness, enough emotion to keep the minds they were fashioned from functional. Somewhere along the line, something went wrong. Whatever had caused humanity's re-descent into war was lost to the fires of apocolypse. E-Ther powered super weapons scorched much of the planets surface, wiping out the majority of civilization. No one knows what became of The Sages. Some believe they were shamed by their creators call to arms, and shut themselves down, leaving the world to fall apart without them to hold it up. Despite the destruction, E-Ther powered WMD's had a curious effect in the long run. Effected areas had quite random energy flows, resulting in unpredictable growth patterns. While some wastelands remain as untoilable as ever, forests and wildlife arise, twisted by accelerated growth, only to shrink and suffer, sometimes dying, and sometimes resurging. Earth had become quite a schitzophrenic world. What was left of the humans technology lay quiet. With no Sages to awaken them, the Old World would no longer serve man. With advanced weaponry, vehicles and computers all around them, humans rebuilt from simple scrap, struggling to survive, their legacy left to the dust. Somewhere in the early days of the New Earth Calender, the last remnants of Pre-War government attempted to recreate the Sages. With a functioning Sage, they could reclaim control over Old World technology. However, they did not have the resources that the original Sage creators had, so the Sage II project used live human subjects. Many died from the experiments, and when they rebeled, the weakened government lost. These subjects fled into the world of New Earth, and the last of the Old World government fell apart. Sage II was a failure, and it seemed that the E-Ther batteries would never reawaken. By 475, N.E.C., New Earth had found its footing. Cities were rebuilt, law reastablished, trade routes connected, and technology flourished once again. Extensive reverse engineering of Old World tech, both before, and after the discovery of E-Ther, had lead to developements in countless areas. Using the waste left in the Earth by EWMD's (occuring in many forms, gases, crystals, ore, sludge) they could power their new technology. While it paled in comparison to Old World tech, inferior in every possible way to E-Ther Battery's and their machinery, it still worked. Once again, the world came to rely on the fruits of the Earth, twisted and deformed as they were. By 512, N.E.C., The Devine Flame appeared. A militaristic Church, they claimed they had developed a way to reclaim control of Old World technology. With highly advanced Pre-War weaponry, they took control of several large settlements in what was once America. Stories of unstoppable harbingers, weilding the powers of the Old World, spread quickly, and people flocked to this new religion. The Devine Flame spread quickly, and its chantry promised a return to the old ways. This was all an illusion, however. The few skirmishes they had in the beginning had been extremely difficult to plan. While they could use Old World tech, it was ineffecient and hard to maintain. While they kept up the fantasy that they wielded it with ease, really it was equivelent of powering a cell phone with 12 foot tall generator. The lies held up, and the Devine Flame took all it reached into its deceptive embrace, all the while searching for a way to better harness the Old World tech. Right under their noses, the answer would arise. The escapee's from Sage II had spread their seed. While the alterations to their minds, bodies and E-Ther flow were forced and unnatural, with each successive generation, the changes would set in, growing and adapting naturally. What the Sage II Project couldn't achieve in a short time was unfolding at a slow, but steady pace. In the 500 years between Sage II and the Devine Flame, the process took hold, and real Sages were born. They were living batteries, conduits in which E-Ther could pass through, awakening all tech around them in time. Buildings that remained sealed since the war would open for them, computers would stir at their touch, vehicles that had never shifted in living memory would hum to life, robots would come to their mental call, and even a simple Pre-War pistol in their hands would be a force very little could contend with. E-Ther traveling through their bodies would provide an unlimited charge for weaponry, and energy based attacks could do very little harm against their bodies. The Church of the Devine Flame called them Demons, while those brave enough to whisper it called them Angels. Eventually, the name Reclaimer was taken by the neutral. A fitting name... the ruins that covered New Earth awoke as if it slept all this time simply waiting for these Reclaimers, who came from all walks of life, all hunted by the Followers of the Devine Flame. What will you be? Will you side with the Church, hunting your own kind to further E-Ther development? Will you hide in the overgrown forests that have enveloped New Yorks ruins, communing with the evolved wild life? Will you roam carelessly in an Old World vehicle, with nothing for company but a mind linked war robot loping along side like some metallic kanine companion? Or will you hide in the open, too confused and afraid of the Flame?

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  • weilding -- spelled wielding


    chantry-- don't understand using this word. Chantry is an altar or an endowement.

    Sci-fi is fine but after 500 years, I doubt that even Sci-fi could get a rusted out vehicle or weapon to work.
    - April 19 2010 19:30:36
    • Intriguing.
      A good introductory chapter, but a lot to take in.
      I know Its always advisable to get back-story in as soon as possible but, I feel there is a tad too much here. Some of it could be saved for future chapters, worked in somehow.
      A thoroughly entertaining intro, though and very well written.
      - April 19 2010 21:10:55
      • This is pretty good. But what I think you really have here is an outline for an epic novel, not a short story. You could easily write a short book on the development of the Sages.

        Some spelling, that Don touched on, and you switch tenses in a few places.

        Otherwise, not bad.
        - April 20 2010 00:16:31
        • Actually, this isn't presented as a short story. It's a roleplay setting, with a slowly growing Codex.
          - April 20 2010 06:12:58
          • A unique concept; well postulated as an essay.

            An enjoyable read.
            - April 21 2010 04:01:38
            • Thank you ^^ The Codex is small right now, but if it grows enough, I'll post it as well. It has info on beastiary, factions, regions, weapons, ect. I've been asked to help set up some table top campaigns set in New Earth. I'm very excited!
              - April 22 2010 02:27:44