Pieces in Play

Poem written by Dnavarre on Wednesday 14, April 2010

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The white pawn moves, then the black, a few more turns and you're under attack. The King is weak, the queen stands tall, when she's in danger, her enemies fall. The King is weak, the knight rides high, the horse needs be smart, or he will die. The King is weak, but the rook does loom, he'll scale the kingdom by barely noon. The King is weak The bishops are smart, They can help win when used at the start. The King is weak, the pawns are too, keeping them all alive is what you should do. The King may be weak, but the King is the key. He's the one you must take to earn victory. The Wolf calls "Check," There's no move to make. The Wolf smiles sharply and looks up, "mate."

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    Awesome way to capture the spirit of a great game.
    Very good! Nicely written.