The Voice of Many

Story written by Pritrostell on Saturday 10, April 2010

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A new concept, I hope this works...

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The Voice of Many
First off, I'll explain the type of story this is going to be. What I'm trying to do is to give the reader's some control over the story and to have the readers develop the characters in a way they see fit. At the end of each chapter, a various amount of 'voices' will be given to the reader to choose from, hence the title of the story. A small period of two or three days will be left open for people to read and choose an option they would like to see. After this period I will post a comment stating the voting is done and begin writing the next chapter according to the voices. To make it short and simple, it's a Choose-your-own-story with a small twist and a heck of a lot less page surfing Smile I thought it would be neat to try so we'll see how this goes. P.S. I know I've had a lot of entries lately but that's because of my downtime without the computer. Kinda just loading everything onto the comp and submitting it as I have free time. This is the last of what I already have written and I've been trying to pace it so Smile

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    Okay Prito; I'll play. Smile

    It's an interesting story and concept, and I won't pont out the couple of errors I noticed. (I'm sure, if you re-read the piece, you'd spot them anyways)

    So; I'll take door number 'B' please Bob.
    Me too. Door number B.

    Err, letter B.

    Errm, just plain B