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Essay/Letter about love

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"Being in love" with somebody is something that happens to a teenager, or a young adult. It has nothing to do with actual love, and is more of a physical connection. When you see someone you find attractive in a special way, you may "fall in love" with them. At this point, you become physically attracted to said person and several different feeling begin to swirl around inside of you. Emotions make themselves present when you "fall in love" with somebody. Feelings of attraction, care, and interest begin to take over. You make an effort to meet this person, or further advance your relationship if you are already known. You find yourself striving to spend as much time with the person, shoving off friends and family, or previously made plans. You spend time with this person, and while the physical attraction remains, the care and interest begin to fade. You find yourself spending less time with the person, and with it you find less of an attraction to them. Your interest has sparked conversations with the person, and you have discovered that this person has certain flaws you do not like. Over time, you both come to realize that you are better off without each other or - if you are lucky - just as friends. Your life then continues as normal and you go on to find another person to "fall in love" with. Then, one day, you find someone you instantly connect with. You find yourself having all of the same symptoms as you did before; Attraction, care, interest. Only this time, something is different. You don't move towards a full relationship. You find yourself wanting to become friends with the person; wanting to get to know them better, and having them get to know you. As time progresses, you notice that you don't lose interest in the person, and your attraction to them has remained intact. You've become friends with this person, and have discovered that you care about them more than any other friend you have. You have discovered that you "love" this person. You see, there are very subtle differences between "Being in love" and "loving" someone. When you are "in love" you are attracted physically, but not mentally. You notice the other persons flaws, and learn to spot them whenever they arise. When you "love" someone, you are attracted both mentally and physically. You know the other persons flaws, but do not notice then when they present themselves. You try to find good in every part of their life. People may think that "being in love" and "loving" are one in the same but they are wrong. Just sit and think about it for a minute. Have you ever seen a couple break up after being together for several years? If there was ever a good mental connection between them they will continue to love each other until they die. The love is gone from the relationship, but the love for the person is everlasting. Also, have you ever noticed that people "think they're in love" but they never "think they love" someone? "Loving" somebody is a more mature and sacred thing in life. Over the years you may "fall in love" with several people, or maybe you only "fall in love" with somebody's eyes or figure, but you will only "love" a select amount of people. All in all, what I'm trying to say is that I do believe in love at first sight, it's just a different kind of love. To truly love somebody is to know them, trust them, believe in them; It's to care for them and yearn for them no matter how far away you are. It's to have a need to protect them, and nurture them, shielding them from the harm and danger of the real world. You're probably a bit confused right about now so let me get to my point.
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I love you. This is not something I could say to you face to face. I've tried to before, many times, I'm just to shy. Think about it. It took me four years just to tell you I liked you, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. But I realized something. It would be harder to not say anything; to not let you know how I truly feel about you. Now I know we've been friends for the last four years of our lives, and it may be that we've become too close of friends, but I still feel you should know. I'm not trying to make you feel awkward, and I'm not trying to force anything on you. I can only hope that you'll realize how much I care. I may be bad at showing my affection but I really do try. I hope this doesn't change anything between us. And remember, I truly do love you with all my heart. ________________________________________________________________________ This was written about a person that I care very deeply about. Although I have not had a relationship myself I have been able to watch from the side and have noticed the difference between "being in love" and "Loving" someone. I truly do love this person, and if you feel the same about someone feel free to use this to help show your affection if you're shy like I am. Also, I have yet to decide if i should actually give this to the person whom it is written about... who knows, I don't wanna screw anything up right.

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    I enjoy the idea of this essay, but I'm not sure if I can agree with it. Still good though
    It was originally written to state that this was my opinion on "being in love" and "loving" someone but i changed it to be more of a letter. Made more sense to me incase i ever did actually give this to whom it was written for.

    Glad you liked it though.
    A good essay, on a very complex topic.

    There are some valid points here, and maybe some I'd take issue with; but that is purely because the emotions are such personal things.

    Well written and presented.
    Since it's your opinion, I'll not say much.

    I was 19 and Phyllis was 16 when we married. That was 43 years ago. So.....
    Well, you sort of, kind of, hit the nail on the head. What is love? Who knows? But I think we all agree it exists. And poets, writers, and musicians since Day 1, I guess, have been debating, ruminating, and otherwise discussing its nature.
    And they, of course, kind of, sort of, hit the nail on the head as well. As Don says, 'So.....' Cool
    Thought-provoking, exhilarating and hearbreaking because you're still tangled up.
    This is really good!! Smile