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Fantasy written by Pritrostell on Friday 2, April 2010

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Got this stuck in my head and had to post it :)

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Just a quick note, couldn't figure out if this was an epilogue or the prologue to the second book. For now this is the epilogue because I have no material for a second book. Either way it was stuck in my head and i had to get it down on... err... paper. So enjoy Smile ________________________________________________________________________ Dear Diary, Today marks the six month mark since legend turned to Prophecy. The land is covered in chaos and few towns remain. Luthanon, Koran, and even my home village are all lost to the demons of the Dark One. The group and I have been traveling from village to village helping everyone we can. We have also been training hard. The day I touched that silver flame my body was changed forever. Now I have five silver flames that circle my body in various orbits. After only one week of training I discovered that I could morph these orbs into armor; One for my chest, one for my arms, one for my legs, one for my shield, and one for my sword. When I wasn't wearing the armor I wore simple clothes. Loose silver t-shirt and some nice fitting silver pants, with a long silver cloak waving behind me at all times. Lynnie has changed a bit as well. Now she dons the sexiest assassin garb I've ever seen. Tight fitting robe, pants, and even the bandana. Her daggers have upgraded as well, having intricate designs in both blades and a newly acquired poison that Balmore showed her how to make. Balmore is still the same. He still wears his tatters old clothes, insisting that the robes of an elder sorcerer are to never be removed, even in death. The only thing he changed was his cloak. Even that is the exact same, just newer is all. O, and he's grown a long gray beard. Psy' Noke has taken up my stave since I now use a sword, and he's gotten good with it. Even better then I was when I used it. Sometimes I like to duel him just to keep in shape with it. He's now wearing a silver tunic with comfortable silver pants. Tranea wears a small silver kimono, under which she wears basic undergarments. Her crescent blades are still the same, except the tassels are silver now. She's the one who's grown the most in these six months. Her maturity level has finally caught up with her age, and she makes a great friend and partner in battle. Still, we've all changed so much in the last six months. We had to. Although it's my task alone to defeat the Dark One my friends have stuck by me so far. Everywhere we go people rush towards us to ask for help, or offer help themselves. We're known as the Silver Convoy of Hope now. We believe we're finally ready to start taking on the Dark One, and I hope for everyone's sake that we are. This will be my last entry in this diary, as from now on I will not have the time nor the patience to bother with it. This is the diary of the Silver Flame, and may whoever find this live in a peaceful and prosperous age. Trist

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    A worthy conclusion to the epic Prito;

    You might want to change the word tatters, in paragraph five, to tattered.

    A fine job, and well written.
    If you choose to write a sequel, just take some bits and pieces from this and use it for your prologue. You could easily discard the clothing descriptions.