LotSF: Chapter X

Fantasy written by Pritrostell on Monday 29, March 2010

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Chapter X: Legend of the Silver Flame <--> Final Chapter

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This is the final chapter of LotSF, so I thought I'd do a little Q&A for any questions that might arise. Q: Why do the chapters get shorter as the story progresses? A: It's true, the first and second chapters put together are equivalent to four other chapters. This is because I had a base storyline ready, and had originally planned to make all chapters according to what I thought was "Standard Novel Size". This proved hard and un-enjoyable. By just going with what I had instead of trying to meet a word count I found I enjoyed writing it a lot more. Q: Is there more? A: There could be. If I do continue with the story it will be a second book. Whether I continue or not depends on if people think I should continue or not. Oddly enough, those are the only questions I could think of to ask myself. So yea, I hope you enjoy the final chapter of LotSF and let me know if you want more, I'd love to hear from ya. ________________________________________________________________________
Chapter 10
Legend of the Silver Flame
By midday we had reached the edge of the forest. We had gone as far inland as possible and still found no sign of civilized life. There was no sign of any life to be exact. The suns rays shone through the ceiling of the forest in small patches, creating what looked like a star-lit sky in the grass. There was a small breeze, but nothing strong enough to move the trees. Balmore and Psy were leading the pack, while Tran and I trailed behind them. We had to stop every once and a while to allow Lyn to catch up. She still hadn't cheered up since the night before. We let her have her space while still keeping an eye on her. We all gathered at the bottom of some mountains to rest. I searched around for any signs of people but was unsuccessful. The trees were thin and spaced here, probably from rubble and debris falling down the mountain. I went back to where the others were to decide what to do next. "I've found a small path that leads into the mountains just over that way. By the looks of it these mountains stretch most of the island." I looked over at Lyn who was staring into the forest. "What do you think we should do Lyn?" "..." "Look there," Balmore's voice was deeper then normal and he was pointing towards the sky with his stave. "The cloud of darkness shrouds us once more. Demons will arise soon." "When did you become so serious and 'elder-like'?" I looked over at him. He was holding a book in his hand that had strange writing written across it. He walked over to me at a slow pace, taking in all his surroundings and scanning them fully. "Have you not noticed what's happening? Have you completely missed the last week and a half?" He struggled to stay calm and collected. "Yes... I acted care free and fun when I met you, but times have changed, and I must once again assume my duties as an elder sorcerer." "Elder? You don't look that old." Tranea and Psy' Noke both spoke at the same time. They turned and giggled at each other. Balmore turned towards them and walked past them with a hastened step. "The key word is sorcerer. I know many magical spells and have seen many rulers come and go. I may not look it but I am over two and a half centuries old. Quite young I know but I must still hold true to my duties." He stepped behind some trees and studied the sky some more. I walked over to Lynnie and put my hand on her shoulder. "He's right though, that shroud of darkness means demons. I think we should take the mountain path instead of trying to walk around. It may be a small path, but the walls on either side offer a protection that open fields cannot. What do you think Lyn?" "..." She walked over towards the mountain and looked up at the sky. "..." "Quickly then, to the pass." Balmore grabbed his stave and started in the direction I had shown them earlier. "The quicker we find shelter the better."
The pass was littered pebbles and small boulders, making it hard to get around. I lead the group through the path, while Balmore took the rear. We couldn't risk having Lynnie out of sight for even a moment. "Quickly now, we need to find a cave or tunnel." Balmore was getting anxious. "I can feel them coming, they're not far behind." A large boulder fell not far behind us and reassured Balmore of his notions. "They're here..." No longer needing to conceal ourselves in the mountains Balmore starting mumbling words in a different language and his staff light up. We quickened our pace with Psy making sure Lyn wasn't falling behind. Tran starting jumping across the small boulders on the path to get ahead. She made a great scout because she was small and agile. She disappeared over a small hill for a few moments before reappearing. "There's a cave right over this..." A couple of small demons dropped down off a ledge above us and tackled Tran to the ground. A quick spin of her blades cleared them off and she quickly rose to her feet. "Hurry into the cave, they're coming full force!" Balmore's stave was shining brighter then I'd ever seen. He charged up beside Psy and told him to pick up Lyn and get into the cave as fast as possible. Psy grabbed Lyn and started running for the cave when she finally snapped out of her silent phase. "What are you doing! Put me down this instant..." Her head rose and she looked behind us at the path we had taken. A loud scream rang through my ears. I turned and saw the same thing as Lynnie did. A giant wave of demons was charging for us, leaving no space between them and the mountain walls. Balmore had already made it into the cave along with Tranea. "Hurry, I can't hold this charge much longer." Psy entered the cave still holding Lyn and I followed closely. Not a moment too soon, the charge left Balmore's stave and crumbled the entrance-way on top of itself. Re-charging his stave he made a few small holes for oxygen and light, but nothing big enough for the demons to enter. "We will stay here until I can no longer sense the demons." He sat down to rest. "After I well open the entrance again and we can continue on our way." I bent down and placed my hands on my knees; Everyone was huffing and puffing except for Lyn who had been carried in. "Good job on the transport Psy," I looked up and saw him smiling back, before he collapsed on the ground. I looked up and gazed around at the cave. One, two, three; "Hey, where's Tranea?" Everyone jumped to their feet and ran towards what used to be the entrance to the cave when a shout echoed behind us. "Guys come look at this, it's amazing!"
We followed her voice towards the back of the cave and came upon the most wondrous sight in the world. Large pillars of crystal jet across the cavern, shining in the light let in through the air vents in the ceiling. They were stunning. Some of them were just strewn about; lying at odd angles as if they had collapsed. Off to the right was a symmetrical row of ten columns; 5 on each side. In between the columns was a path made of crystal, smooth as could be with intricate designs scrawled into them by nature itself. We stood a while admiring the great crystal formations, then decided to head down the path. It was a long path, each pillar being at least 300 feet tall and an equal distance apart. The stunning beauty of the cavern with the added troubles of walking on smooth crystal slowed us down, and in the end it took us about 20 minutes to reach the end. When we finally got there we were greeted by two crystal statues shaped like knights. They were about as tall as the pillars and were on either side of a large doorway. Lyn was staring through the doorway in amazement. "Trist... This is... this is just like..." "I know, but I wonder..." I started heading down the hallway through the door, the others behind me. It opened up into another grand cavern, but this one was much more intricate then the first. It was almost like a king's throne room was encased in crystal and submerged in the mountain. In the middle of the room was a tall altar, a small silver flame rest on top. Lyn came beside me and grabbed my arm, squeezing tightly. "Do you know where we are Trist?" I shook my head, eyes wide and jaw dropped. Psy' Noke was confused. "What is it, where are we?" Balmore was quick to silence him, and merely pointed in my direction. Lynnie pushed me towards the altar. "Everything fits... It all makes sense... The guards, the secrecy, everything..." Tears were streaming down her face. I climbed the altar and looked at the small silver flame, then at Lyn and the others. Lyn looked up at me, and I saw her mouth the words 'I love you'. I had gone too far to turn back, I had to trust in her now. Trust in the unknown. As I touched the flame a bright light engulfed the entire room and I felt my body being bashed and bruised. I felt like I was spinning and flipping; I had no control. I couldn't see the others, I couldn't see the cavern, all I saw was myself. I closed my eyes and a soft voice entered my head. It sounded like myself from another time: "In a time of chaos, commoners from the mainland sought refuge amongst the islands of the dark sea. There were several ships sailing in a convoy, and among the commoners was one boy in particular. As the boats were nearing the island we now know as Luthanon, the Dark One sent a horde of demonic figures to attack the ships in hopes of forcing them back to the mainland. This boy survived the attack and swam to the nearest island. While trying to find a safe passage through the mountain, he stumbled across a cave filled with magnificent crystal beams. He followed the caves path and found a great alter with a silver flame perched at the top. You are this boy." "You are entrusted with the powers of the Silver Flame. You and you alone are responsible for your actions. Use these powers as you see fit, but know this; Your actions will always be countered by another. You are destined to live out your life as a prophecy; a legacy; a legend. You are destined to live in these dark times." "This is the beginning of the Chaotic Ages."

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    A nice ending, and it allows for a continuation.
    Whether you write a sequel or not is up to you, really. It is your story.
    An excellent conclusion to a very good story.

    A couple of very minor glitches, but you'll find them for yourself, if you re-read.

    See you on the flip side, Prito