LotSF: Chapter IX

Fantasy written by Pritrostell on Friday 26, March 2010

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Chapter IX: A Loved Ones Demise

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Chapter 9
A Loved Ones Demise
It was just a thirty minute walk down the coast before we found the boats. Tents and caravans were scattered everywhere, and people were lined up in front of the boats. It looked as if the guards were doing item checks to make sure there were no suspicious items entering the boats. We walked over to on of the guards to ask him some questions. I walked up to a guard who seemed to be looking at a map. "Excuse me sir..." "I'm extremely busy, if you want on the boat get in line, otherwise leave me be." I cleared my throat. "Sorry sir, but I was just wondering where..." "Did you not hear me the first time? I said I'm busy now please leave me alone!" He turned around and he went from angry to apologetic. "O, I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was you. What can I do for you, o noble defender of Koran?" I was a little shocked at what he called me, but didn't want to miss the opportunity. "I was just wondering where the boats were headed and how long it will be before they take off. If minions of the Dark One are indeed running rampant then this small encampment of tents and caravans will surely be attacked." The guard looked a little flustered. "That's the problem, there are only two charted islands in the Dark Sea. Luthanon and Grogane. We can't send every boat to one island, or even split the convoy at both islands. It's simply too much." "That does pose a problem." I looked at the map. "These two islands here, by Luthanon. They should be large enough to hold most of the convoy. If you send two ships each to Luthanon and Grogane the rest will easily fit on these islands. Only problem is whether or not it can be sustained." "We have plenty of guards to protect the people and many of the refugees have volunteered their time to build homes and shelters when we land." The guard looked up from the map. "I think that makes a great plan. Being so close to Luthanon we will be able to call for help if needed." "It's settled then." I looked over at everyone. "I just ask that me and my party get on the boat to Luthanon, we have business there." The guard saluted. "As you wish, tell the guard at the farthest boat Capt. Torain has authorized your entire parties immediate entry and that the boats captain should be informed that he is leaving the convoy at coordinates 15N 18S for Luthanon." I thanked him and we all headed towards the boat. After a small argument with the people lined up the guard managed to get us on board and informed the captain of his coordinates. We all gathered near the main mast to allow the unarmed people the space and security of the rooms in the hull. It didn't Take long before the boats were filled and the convoy was moving. Despite his age, Balmore had never been on a boat and was fascinated by the fact that something so big and heavy could stay afloat.
It was starting to get dark, and Lyn and I were standing near the bow of the ship. "The sunset looks so beautiful from the ocean." Lyn pulled my hand closer. I had never really noticed the sunset before. It had a certain factor that drew your eyes to it. "How's your father doing?" She looked behind us at Tran, who was playing with Balmore and Bache. "OK, I hope." She looked up at me. "Do you think he'll be alright?" I moved her hair from her face and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "He's a strong man, I'm sure he'll be fine." A loud bell started ringing from one of the other boats, and everyone on deck jumped up. The captain burst out of his quarters. "EVERYONE INSIDE THE BOAT, THE CONVOY'S UNDER ATTACK!" He flung open the door leading into the hull and started ushering people down. The six of us gathered together on the main deck and I looked over at the captain. "You go, we'll protect the boat with the guards." He nodded, closed the hull, and went to man the wheel which was abandoned. A sudden darkness covered the convoy and we lost all vision past the farthest boats. Screeching filled the air as the sound of wings grew louder and louder. A burst of green light shot through the darkness and nailed one of the boats in the side, blowing a large hole in it and sending planks of wood flying in every direction. Balmore shot a beam of light out of his staff into the air which lit up the area around us enough to see what was happening. Both Lyn and Tran ran to opposite sides of the boat and began to pluck the flying demons out of the air one by one. Another boat was hit and people were starting to abandon their ships. One by one we took the demons out of the air and one by one the ships in the convoy went to meet their brethren at the bottom of the sea. Finally our luck ran out and our ship was hit, instantly tipping to one side and flipping over completely. Another bolt of green light shattered the bottom and people began escaping into the ocean. We quickly found each other and looked around for other survivors. The fog was starting to lift and we could see the remaining ships scattering in all directions, some even heading back to the coast. As the last of the demons had cleared out, we found a large plank of wood floating around. The six of us grabbed it and started kicking, pushing us all towards the nearest island.
We finally reached shore and we all collapsed on the sandy beach. It was a long swim and had worn out all of us. After a short break we all went into the nearby trees and gathered food and wood to make a small camp for the night. Lyn stayed with her father who was having trouble getting up. Tran was in the trees collecting fruits while Psy' Noke and Balmore were making lumber out of a fallen tree. I was gathering sturdy branches and leaves for a makeshift shelter. "Hey Balmore, you think Lyn's alright?" He took a break from hacking at the tree and sat down. "Given the situation, I'd say we're all lucky to be alive." He wiped his brow. "She's just not that great at hiding her emotions. Not to mention Bache looked pretty beat up from the swim." I grabbed some more leaves off the ground and started to head back to the shore. "I guess your right... don't take too long OK, it's getting dark and we need a fire going." I reached the treeline and Lynnie screamed. She got up and ran towards me, tears streaming down her face. I dropped what I had and took her in my arms, stroking her hair. Everyone else came running towards us. "What happened?" Balmore was the first to reach us, with Tranea and Psy' Noke right behind him. Everyone looked at the beach to find Bache laying in the sand, a small pool of blood beside him. Tranea buried her face in Balmore's robe, and Psy went back to gather the lumber they had cut. Nobody said anything for the rest of the night. The seriousness of the situation hit us hard. No more joking around, no more meaningless play. Something was happening in the world and it was affecting us just as much as anybody else. The next day we buried Bache in the sand and made a gravestone out of twigs and his shirt. No one spoke. Lyn was on her knees crying over top of the grave, and Tranea was beside her holding flowers she had found. It was the first time I'd ever been to a funeral, and as much as I wanted to be beside Lyn I knew she needed her space. It was five of us now. Just the five of us on an island we didn't even know. We set out towards the interior of the island in hopes of finding other refugees, or some sort of village to help us.

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    A nice twist here. And very well written.
    Relentless; keep on going.

    Well writeen and told.