LotSF: Chapter VIII

Fantasy written by Pritrostell on Friday 26, March 2010

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Chapter VIII: Black Flames

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Hey all. First off, Sorry. I really don't like double posting things but I don't want to confuse people more by posting two chapters in one post because of my current situation. Second, I've been able to get to my friends house to post these. I've spell checked them and everything but you know Pfft Third, I should be back and ready to go soon. I've ordered parts for my new comp and they should arrive soon (I hope). Other then that thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. __________________________________________________________________________
Chapter 8
Black Flames
The trip back to Vorgan from Koran was a long and tedious one. We were unsure of the state Lynnie's father was in and had no clue if he would need to be treated again. Luckily we had extra herbs with us. It was a rather uneventful walk, as we were walking slower then before with the added weight of a semi-crippled person. His condition wasn't deteriorating or anything, it just wasn't improving quite like we had hoped. We met a caravan heading towards Koran about half-way through the trip who offered us food and water. At night, we had someone on guard at all times. First I, then Balmore, then Lynnie and Tranea. Two hours before we were to leave again, I would retake the post and let Lyn and Tran rest up before we continued down the dusty path. The sun was bright, pulsing heat down in waves like the ocean crashing into the beach. It was cool though, brought by a breeze from across the field. Despite the suns efforts to roast us alive, or make us stop when we didn't need to, we made it back to Vorgan. The five day trip made seeing the city in the distance a huge relief. As we neared the town spots of black flame became visible. We didn't see them originally because of the distance and heat, but as we got closer it became more evident that the village had been attacked. Moving as fast as we could without leaving Lyn's father behind, we reached the edge of the village.
` Smoldering piles of what used to be shops and homes lay scattered everywhere, black flames burning diligently on the already blackened wood. Lyn and her father stopped and sat to take a breather, and Balmore and I started to search around. "Wait," I stopped and turned around, "We can't just go out there, whatever did this might still be around. Balmore and I will go and search the villages back streets, Lyn and Tran stay with Lyn's father and head up the main road. Never leave another person's sight and we'll meet you at the fountain." We all drew our weapons, and Balmore and I set off towards the weapon shop in the back streets. Along the way we found a few people who were dazed "" or shell-shocked so to speak "" but we found no one in need of major help. We were asking everyone we came across what happened, but no one could give us a straight answer. Those that could started crying and trembling, or ran off before they could finish. We eventually met up with the others near the fountain. "Did you find anything?" Lyn was doing her best to stay calm but I could see the fear and anger in her eyes. "Nothing of importance." Balmore rest his staff against the fountain. "A few people tried to murmur out what happened but couldn't. Did you find out anything?" He leaned against a standing wall and pulled out a pipe. "No, nothing..." Tranea was starting to cry. I remembered that we found her in this village. I walked over to her and gave her a hug. "I'm sorry about this Tranea. I wish we could have stopped it from happening." She hugged me a while longer then wiped her eyes. "Thanks Trist. I know it wasn't your fault." All of a sudden the rubble beside us started to move and we heard someone coughing. We all put down what we had and ran over to help. A small boy "" about 4 feet 5 inches tall "" stood up and brushed himself off. He had light blonde hair and wore what looked like a blue t-shirt and some regular old jeans. He almost looked like one of those mannequins from the clothing stores that displayed chain mail or other armoring. He finished dusting himself off and revealed a small but bushy mustache. I think everyone did a double take. No one expected it at all. "Thanks for the help guys, my name's Psy' Noke." He stretched his arm outwards and went to shake my hand. Taking a step forward he collapsed on the ground and screamed in pain. Balmore rushed over to him and hovered his palm over Psy' Noke's head. A faint blue glow came out of Balmore's hand and he waved it over Psy's entire body. When he was done, he stood and walked over to me, dragging me into privacy. "He need medical attention fast, and the state of this village means he won't be able to get it." Balmore frowned. "Can't you heal him? Like you did for Lyn's Father?" He leaned against the wall and pulled out his pipe again. "I do not have the herbs required to do the job. Even if I were to travel back to Koran, pick them, and come back he would not last. He is in no condition to move either." "Then use what you have for me..." A quick turn of the head revealed Lyn's father to be the source of the voice.
He stood up from his seat on the ledge of the fountain and came towards us, handing Balmore what was left of the Koranthium. "Use this on the boy. Thanks to you I can move freely again. I haven't got much time left anyways, so I want this to be used on someone who can fully enjoy the freedom it brings." "Are you sure?" I looked at him, then over at Lyn who was tending to Psy' Noke. "If that is your wish, I will do my best to keep it from your daughter. She would be distraught if she knew." "Many thanks, and I'm sure you would do well to keep her happy in either case." He looked over at me and smiled. "I know what you two have between each other. I can see it in her eyes. They always looked brighter when she was happy. By the way, it would do you some good if I properly introduced myself. My name is Bache." This was the first time anyone had actually heard him speak since he was healed. It was a very deep, monotonous voice and was soothing to the ears. I walked over and told Tranea and Lynnie to go find a bucket to get some water, and as soon as they turned the corner Balmore began to use the medicinal herbs on Psy' Noke. The girls returned not a moment to soon, and Psy' Noke got up and accepted the water. Replenishing his thirst and energy, he thanked them and stood facing everyone. "Again, I must thank you, and offer my gratitude. I am Psy' Noke but most just call me Psy." He bowed and then stood at attention. Now that he was standing, and not covered in dust and rubble, I could clearly make out a green tunic and some loose green jogging pants. He relaxed his posture and continued speaking. "You must be wondering what happened here, so let me fill you in. The dark one's minions appeared almost out of thin air and started destroying the village. They were merciless and unstoppable, killing everyone, even children. They set all the buildings on fire with black flames and then vanished once the guards from the next village arrived." He stopped to take another drink of water and catch his breath. "The survivors were told to leave everything, even the wounded behind, and head down the coast. There is a small convoy of ships preparing to take to the sea in search of an island to make a refuge village on." I waited a few moments to make sure he was done, then turned to Lyn. "Well, what should we do? No sense standing around here right." "We should head for the refuge boats." She looked worried, as she almost always did. "They may be in trouble. Plus, we still have to get my father home." Bache raised his hands in front of him and waved them back and forth. "Don't worry about me there girl, I'll be fine as long as I can sit and rest now and then." Lyn looked at him and her face went red. "We're going to the refuge boats, and that's final!" She stormed off down the trail towards the coast, leaving everyone else with a puzzled look. "I guess there's no arguing with her is there." Bache trailed after her, making sure to keep his distance, and Tran ran after her screaming and shouting. "I'll be going with you seeing as how my village is destroyed." Psy started walking in the same direction as everyone else, leaving me and Balmore. "I just keep picking up more and more people. Soon enough I'm going to have to buy an entire caravan just to get all of us around." Balmore looked at me and laughed. "You just give off... a friendly vibe... that's the best I can describe it." We gathered out items and followed everyone down the path.

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    black flames burning diligently - Hmmm does this work? I might say "black flames burning intensely," or "black flames burning steadily."

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