Lost in time

Poem written by Dnavarre on Wednesday 24, March 2010

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written on the back of a literature assignment.

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If seven days does make a week, then do all the strong form the meek? Is there good and is there bad, are we defined by times we've had? What we do, what we've done, might fade away, lost in the long run. Where we are, where we've been, it doesn't matter in the end. Who we've broken, who we've healed, who we've saved, who we've killed. I cannot stress enough, this here: the time to act is drawing near. Who you are, what you do, now that, my friends, falls to you.

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    Great stuff.
    Loved the ending; "Who you are, what you do, now that my friends, is up to you".
    A good credo for life I think.
    Concerning Starfire's comment, you could claim poetic license.