He Ascends

Song written by Darkfire on Tuesday 23, March %16

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Got this idea from hearing: Andrea Bocelli- Con te Partiro

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*This is somthing i have NEVER done b4 but i just had the inspiration. Not meant to be offending to anyone, so if you're easily offended, just don't read i guess. Anywho, hope you like.lol Leaving, the grace of his father, becoming a man. He gave us a hope for the future, though born from the sand. Wonders, performed through his father proved him, the light. A gift to mankind from his maker a torch in the night. Tempted, by a great evil, testing his stand. His reason, his faith, never waived, feet firm to the land. Stones were, tossed all upon him, breaking his heart. These creatures, forgive them, my father he said, from the start. Hung to, die as man's traitor his followers cried. The earth shook, the sky mourned, like people God tearfully replied. Softly, he enters heaven pure like a dove. So gentle, so clean, in the light, shining above. Sitting, up on his new throne, we wait his return. The trumpets will sound off as angels, bring peace that we've earned.

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  • Very very good.

    I can see this as a modern hymn.
    - March 23 2010 18:25:31
    • Outstanding.
      - March 23 2010 19:33:07
      • Wonderful... it even gave me goose bumps!
        - March 23 2010 21:07:08
        • It touched me in a very nice way. Thank you.
          - March 24 2010 05:09:32
          • Very nicely written.
            - March 26 2010 02:33:51
            • Fantastic, I'm touched!
              - April 08 2010 15:55:21
              • I also read this as a modern hymn. Absolutely beautiful...breathtaking. I LOVE it.
                - May 07 2010 02:32:41
                • I also read this as a modern hymn. Absolutely beautiful...breathtaking. I LOVE it.
                  - May 07 2010 02:32:57