Revenge (Part 13)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Friday 19, March 2010

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Choose your weapon.

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"First thing first though," Rosuto said rather calmly as he grabbed both Mitsukai and Kasai by the arm, "Kasai will need some training." A second later all three of them were back in Rosuto's room. "Choose a weapon," he motioned a hand towards the many weapons adorning his walls. Mitsukai crossed his arms loosely over his chest as he stayed quiet, letting his mind mingle with Kasai's. Kasai's eyes moved over each weapon slowly. Mitsukai arched a brow in a slight surprise. Kasai was thinking the pros and cons of each weapon carefully over in her head. In truth he had not expected such a contemplative mind from Kasai; she who had blindly set the pack of inus on fire then proceeded to rush them with no weapon just the day before. Mitsukai shook his head twice as he left Kasai's mind. She had made her choose. Kasai let a slight smirk play across her lips as she lifted a hand and let her fingers move across the hilt of a katana. She was familiar with the workings of this weapon and always found it easy to move with as if it was but an extension of her own body. It was like watching the wind blow across a field, her motion flowing smoothly, as she pulled the katana from the wall and released the blade from its sheath; the steel singing out its song for her as she did so. Mitsukai let his wings shudder slightly before folding them tightly against his back, his arms still loosely crossed over his chest. "Why don't you warm her up for me, Rosuto?" he said in his low monotone voice. Rosuto let out a soft, short chuckle before giving Mitsukai a nod. "I will take it easy on her," he said and gave Kasai a playful smile. In an instance Rosuto was at his wall of weapons and grasping onto the center grip of a scythe. The next instant he had returned to his previous standing place but now held the weapon in his right hand in an odd fashion that Kasai had never seen before; the heel of the blade resting against his shoulder and the snath held more like a bow staff as it rested against his entire arm's length. Kasai could not help but to grin at him with the anticipation of the oncoming spar. It had been some time since she had been able to play.

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    It's been a long time since chapter 12.

    Good plot and really well written.

    You do nice work.
    Overall I enjoyed it. I need to read the older revenge segments.
    Awhile coming, and well worth the wait.

    Very well done.
    wonders! Your glitch rate and ratio went down surprisingly! The vocab is also richer than ever. Well done!