Last Touch

Poem written by Natasha on Monday 18, February 2002

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The pain I feel will not decease, It builds a stream of anguish and distress. It sprints throughout my body with no sign of decrease, And leaves my misery to face a new conquest. A sword and sheild will not protect me, Nor will any liquid or remedy. There is no special key to free me, For I require an unknown strategy. I can not call upon anyone, For they can not hear me. I try to reach someone, But they can not feel me. I try to stand clear, Away from all the anxiety. But I see their faces drown deep into fear, As I wish to reasure their worry. A dark shadow buries me, No sounds, not a word is said. My hand is held tightly, As someone delicately kisses my forehead. The anguish and distress I once felt, Are no longer a bother. I watch those fearful faces melt, And observe their tears fall to a slow departure. Those memories that I hold so dear to me, I will never disregard nor forget. No cause to show any more worry, For I know things happen for a reason, I have no signs of regret

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