Impulse. Chapter 20 ( a little bit might be later added)

Sci-Fi Story written by blue_veined_hatred on Tuesday 2, March 2010

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Surpirses, surpirses and surprises

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Chapter 20 TRICKS UP THE SLEEVES The Camaro was speeding towards Tempe. Neither of the two passengers exchanged a single word. One was not in the mood, the other was too afraid. 'What are the updates on Subject 1622?,' Mark finally spoke out, rather gruffly. There was a look of sudden shock on the red head's face as she chose the right of an highway intersection. 'Sir, did you mean 1621..?' she asked in disbelief, though timidly. 'You heard me right,' Mark was almost on the verge of explosion,' I did say 22. We are going to Mesa.' The girl refrained from asking any more questions, but her hands started shaking slightly on the steering wheel. Okibi Sentai headquarters. Nick and Chris chose not to join the meeting of the leaders at the conference room. They were seated on the couch at the corridor, both their minds racing. 'Any idea who the supermodel was?' Nick finally asked. 'How am I s'possed to know?' 'You are the one who has worked for him.' 'That doesn't mean I know his entire out fit.' 'Chill! I am not saying that either,' Nick leaned back a little,' lets at least try to figure out which direction he fled to.' 'Hmm....' Chris was lost in thoughts again,' he can actually go anywhere. He has safehouses all around.' 'Common sense suggests he will try to go as far as he can.' 'Or he might go to his strongest fort and think of hitting back at the first oppurtunity,' Chris nodded.' waidda minute! I think I know what he is up to!....Nick quick!....' With those he shot up from the couch and shot straight for the conference room. The double door of the conference room flung open with a bang as Chris kicked through. He payed little heed to the gaping pistols of the guards. 'Myu, do you have a good hacker in your Clan?'

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    Not long enough... Smile

    More please?
    Not bad at all.

    : Yes it's short, but It's still long enough to get an idea of whats going on.

    : Enjoyable. A few minor errors such as "...the right of an highway intersection"

    Other then that, good job. Keep em coming Smile
    Yes it was short Blue, but the most well-written chapter so far my friend.
    A few "spelling schmelling" mistakes but nothing to spoil the party.
    Realy enjoying this Blue.
    who's writing brief chapters now, huh blui?
    Must ... have ... more. XD

    Well done though but for just the prementioned little bugs.

    Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the grand work. ^^
    Don't make us wait so long between chapters.