The Bumbling Bard

Poem written by Mythbhavd on Tuesday 21, June 2005

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This is a poem I wrote about a character on Shadowlands II (Ultima Online Shard)

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A fair young lass was she, who traveled the world from sea to sea. Not as smart as some out there, she was followed around by her horse and her bear. Taming animals as she went, she actually managed to kill a hen. The eggs she took as her prize, but she was heading for her demise. Into the woods, she ventured one day singing songs as she made her way remembering to feed her bear and her horse, but not paying attention to her course. Through the woods and along the beach She decided to stop so she could sleep In the sun and on the sand To work on getting a better tan. The sun was hot and the sand was warm and nothing seemed out of the norm, so she decided to close her eyes when all of a sudden to her surprise While she did lay upon her towel around her rose great growls and howls Creatures from her worst nightmares seemed to appear from the air She jumped to her feet and grabbed her harp The rhythm supplied by her pounding heart She sang and sang and sang some more For she had found herself a war Her horse and bear bravely fought but their struggles came to naught, Her songs calmed but a few And she knew not what to do As she said her final prayers to the man who lives upstairs, She closed her eyes and waited long but something seemed to be going wrong The creatures were howling and growling in fear Something new was drawing near A handsome man on a shining horse He and his pets a powerful force He scattered the creatures here and there And some even flew into the air He smiled at her, his teeth gleaming *ting* 'I came to your rescue when I heard you sing' She nearly fainted from relief and stared at him in disbelief This only happens in fairy tales but here he was real and hale He took her back to the town and warned not to wander 'round 'Avoid the places you should not go' And one last smile he did bestow What happened to our adventurer fair? She stayed in town with her horse and bear And now she sings to you this song and though it might seem rather long She sings with thanks in her heart For the kind stranger who took a part In saving her from her folly That stranger who seemed to be so jolly Now I bid you good night and fair well And as you return to that place where you dwell Remember the story of a man who was just His name, by the way, was Simon Magus. -MMC ©2005

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