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Riddle written by Marwa on Saturday 27, February %20

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I am standing here, in one place I take a step forward but then I am too afraid I can't go any further I can't even move I close my eyes I close them so hard so that I won't see But still the voices the screams I can hear I try to scream too but I can't I can't find my voice I can't shout I want to run so bad but my feet won't do it I need help please someone ,anyone please It's been a day or two now and I am still here, nobody came to help me Will l I stand like this forever? No no I must move, I must run, first I open my eyes,oh the light it is blinding me It doesn't matter light or dark still i can't see, I'll take a step now, one step help me god ok now another step I am so scared I think I'll fall, but I must keep moving Oh my god I just passed a hole , what is this ?something huge is in front of me Hello?....... No answer ,I don't know whether it is a human or a beast Hello? Still no answer it's blocking my way what am I to do? Ok, no other option I have to pass through I'll jump over it ,no it's too high Then I'll crawl but it can just crush me Ok may be I wait here a second or two May this someone will show Still no one, still no answer and this thing it didn't move Wait a second I think it's getting clear now Here's an eye, here 's an ear Oh my god this thing ist me I have been blocking me all along there is no beast no monster just me And all these screams and voices they were just in my head And all the blur and the fog it doesn't exist I made it all up Me no one else ;;;;;;;

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  • this is nice, it makes you think.
    - February 27 2010 22:54:44
    • thanks Smile
      - February 27 2010 23:17:17
      • I love this.
        - February 28 2010 20:19:06
        • thanks
          - February 28 2010 21:17:51
          • Interesting.
            - March 01 2010 02:51:41