Thoughts: The human Brain, Theories and Argumental Points

Critical Review written by Pritrostell on Monday 22, February 2010

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Didn't know how to categorize this but... Theories i came up with talking to a friend. I invite EVERYONE to have a say!

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Thoughts: The Human Brain
By Pritrostell
This is going to be very informal and will be a jumble of small things I was thinking about. My main reason for posting this is I am curious about others' responses. This is not a story, poem, song, or play. It requires no ratings. All I am looking for is responses in comments. If you choose to not respond that is fine, I just wanted to write it somewhere solid before it left my mind. ________________________________________________________________________
I am not trying to offend anyone in any way with this piece of writing. I would like to formally apologize beforehand to anyone that may find offense to this. I want you to know that it is without intention and I am deeply sorry for anything caused by the reading of this.
_________________________________________________________________________ So, Earlier today I was talking with a friend about Dreams and the way the human brain works. To start, I guess i should explain the dream. I was walking down some stairs into a subway station with two of my friends. We were chatting and going to some unknown location. At the bottom of the stairs, my friends transformed into two other friends, but being a dream i questioned nothing. We walked down the hall to a crossroad in the subway. We could go left or right, but instead chose to sit at a table which had just appeared. Around this table were several other people i knew, and a few i'd never seen before. To the left exit was what looked like a manager or security arguing with a guy holding a shotgun. For some reason, no one paid any attention to them. The right exit was now blocked by bars and wood; some sort of construction perhaps. We were talking amongst ourselves when a man holding a razor came down the tunnel my friends and I had come from. He walked up to me and the kid sitting beside me, and the men fighting to the left stopped. The shotgun was loaded and the security guy left. The man with the razor asked which one of us (the random kid and I) would like to die first. I tried to run but the shotgun as aimed at me and i was forced to stop. The guy with the razor said he would count to three, then choose himself, so the kid and I played rock paper scissors to decide. Being unsuccessful in finding a winner, the security guy came out of nowhere, said "can't you guys count to three?" and then proceeded to stab the random kid in the throat. At the very same time, I myself was stabbed in the throat, and felt what seemed to be a very real pain.
This sparked the conversation with my friend about realistic dreams and we got to talking about how the brain could simulate pain and other feelings that we had not experienced in our real lives. This lead to the following things. I believe that one or possibly both of these are true in some form or another.
Theory 1: A Past Life
I think that it may be possible that when we die, our souls are reborn in some form. Scientists believe that we only use 10% of our full brain capacity. This could be caused by our soul carrying our memories from past lives. Example 1: Dreams and Feelings This would explain why in my dream I felt a very realistic pain that I have never felt before. It could be a remnant of a past pain felt in a previous life. This theory would also explain dreams themselves. Dreams, according to this theory, would be jumbled memories of past lives being brought into focus for brief moments of time. Some might say that is impossible because i can control my dreams, or dreams have a way of changing in ways that aren't humanly possible. (example, my friends changing when walking down the stairs.) As stated above, these are jumbled memories, and it is possible that two memories, or even more, are intersecting each other creating a new memory for us to envision. Example two: Illusions and Images This theory about souls carrying past memories could also explain images of unworldly things and illusions of creatures and people that are not truly there. People say that they can see things, such as dogs or even people, that are not actually there. When i was younger, my brother couldn't sleep at night because he was absolutely certain that there were two rotweilers (big dogs, and yes i can't spell) standing at the bedroom door, growling and looking at him menacingly with teeth dripping with drool. Doctors and scientists alike claim this to be imagination, but can they prove it? Who's to say that those dogs aren't really there, and I can't see them. For a while, I actually believed i could see them too, but being older brushed it off as my mind and let it be. These images could be; Images of past lives and memories being shown to us in our own world, not just in dreams OR It could be our imagination, BUT these images are being projected by our mind. (Credit on this point to Kt6550 and his story "The Antisocial". thanks Smile ) We believe in things such as telepathy, telecommunications, and telekenesis. Who's to say we can't also project images of our thoughts for others too see. Example 3: Ghosts Ghosts have yet to be fully understood. We see them as floating images of people who used to live. This could also tie in with example 2. These ghosts, including poltergeists, unexplained voices, and high electrical readings (which can signify "paranormal" activity) can be explained as the souls of the deceased waiting to be reborn into their new life. I was watching a ghost hunting show on television the other day, and they were bringing out "Paranormal activity" by recreating the time that the supposed ghost or haunted area was most active in. This ties in with my own theory as you are recreating the memories of the deceased being, which in turn draws out there energy more than it would if you just sat around waiting for something to happen. These three examples all point towards my original theory of souls and rebirth. This, however, is just one possible theory. P.S. This theory doesn't mean your always reborn as a human. Like to swim/good at swimming? Maybe you were a fish or some type of amphibious mammal in a previous life. Like climbing things/good at flips and tricks? Maybe you were a chimp in a past life. Etc.
Theory 2: Misunderstanding and Lack of Knowledge
Scientists say we use 10% of our brain, but I believe we use it all, and we just don't realize it. Example one: Telecommunications. One common form of telecommunicating is the ever-popular "jinx, you owe me a soda" trick. Have you ever said something at the exact same time as someone you knew. This is because the brains between the two of you are communicating your thoughts without you knowing. When a couple married for 25+ years constantly says the same things at the same time, or finishes each others sentences, you can hardly call it coincidence. If you had something similar happen for over 25 years, would you call it coincidence. Some may say that it's happened to them with someone they didn't know, or had just met. Well, maybe you knew each other in a past life. Maybe you were in the siblings, or even married. Example two: Twins. People say that when twins are born, they share emotions, or even deeper connections such as pain and suffering. There are stories around the world that say twins feel each others pains, and know when the other is in trouble. It is also said that if one twin is happy, the other complies. This could be caused by a special connection between the two made at birth. The brain, being made of the same embryo, would be able to communicate more then just thoughts, and would do it more frequently. _________________________________________________________________________ For these reasons I believe that the human brain is fully used, just not fully understood. Look at it this way. Many years ago, we had no cars, no televisions, and space was just "there". No one thought we could ever leave earth, or even create a form of light that wasn't fire. Now we are advancing in technology at a lightning fast speed. It could very well be that we just don't have the technology to detect the other waves and signals our brains send out. Give it another hundred years and I bet you they'll discover our brains aren't as simple as they thought.
As I said earlier, I beleive that one, or even both of these theories, are true.Maybe we're born into a new life, maybe we can secretly talk to each other. Maybe both. So, what i'd like to know is how do you feel about this subject? Do you agree with the scientists? Do you agree with me? Maybe both of us? If not what do you believe and why? P.S. this would make an amazing dinner conversation or camping trip conversation Pfft ALSO If for any reason you would like to use these arguments and theories for schoolwork, I am perfectly fine with it. I'm not exactly sure on the rules of using work written on this site but if I allow others to use this, and the site has nothing against it, I would be honored if you used my ideas to aid you in a school assignment. Just make sure you put a hyperlink in your work so you don't get nailed for Plagiarism Pfft

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    An intersting essay, Prito.

    I'm not sure that I'm particularly qualified to comment upon this somewhat provocative subject.

    Firstly, I've never had a dream that I've remembered. For me, sleeping is like switching off a light, then back on again.

    This might be why some of my stories deal with the subconcious,fugue states and the like.

    Secondly, ghosts.

    I believe that ghosts are merely psychic impressions, or echoes, of a person.

    Most ghosts tend to haunt the places where they dies,or they spend a great part of their lives.

    When they go off to wherever it is our life energy dissipates to after death, I think the a portion can be left behind, and can be sensed by others of an empathic nature.
    You bring up some good points. Allow me to add something. I have a Math degree. Ever see the number 1? Ever? No, of course not. The number "1" is merely a symbol representing uniqueness, or singularity.

    Ever see the number 0? In mathematics, the symbol "0" represents the empty set, or nothingness. Do you want to know why mathematicians have so many problems with it? Be cause the human mind cannot grasp the concept of nothingness. That is a fact.

    Have I added some fuel to the fire yet?
    Hmm, that definitely adds to my points lol.

    it also explains why "noises and images" can't just be "nothing"

    Also explains why there can't be nothing around us... different subject though Smile Thanks for the info, much appreciated
    1st off the saying that people only use 10% of our brains isnt quite true. whats meant by that saying is that we only Consciously use 10% pecent of our brains.
    bodily functions such as; breathing, heart rate, and in a sense thinking are things that are just done with out any consent from the conscious.

    2nd I like the point on brains linking on a subconscious level. but thats something that should be alot easier to prove, if it existed. the main way the brain communicates with the rest of the body is through synapses and a combinations of chemicals im not going to get into, but for two brains to reach and understand each other the presence of certain synapses would exist, also the need for a certain gases to pass from brain to brain, or person to person. these thing would be easily detected by scientist even if we only used it subconscuiosly.

    3rd im not a trained proffesional and i may be wrong so in all everything i've said thus far is merely oppinion. but i still believe that the brain is a powerful thing. so vast that like the ocean we as humans arent even close to discovering its secrets

    (sorry for all the errors inspiration struck and i had to write)
    Wow! I now have some excuses for what I think.