Two mens conversation

Prose written by Malicepoint on Thursday 18, February 2010

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A little prose in my head. Can you figure out what there talking about?

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"You did" "I did'' "Because?" "Because!" "Unthoughtful" "Thoughtful" "For real?" "Really' "Why?" "Fun" "When?" "Today" "Screaming?" "Much" "How long?'' "All day" "Why call?" "No reason" "No reason?!" "maybe one?" "What?" "To hear" "Hear who?" "You" "Me?" "Yes,you" "What now" "News" "For real" "Checking" ________ "You see?" "(Deep breath) I see!" "All truth" "And your crying"

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    What did the first person do?

    This is excellent.

    One obvious glich; about halfway down, remove either the exclaimation or the question. Can't have both, sorry.
    The person who was crying was somehow hanging off a building and was finally rescued and was placed on televisions, and the guy ended up calling his best friend.
    Actually, it sounds like my Mom and Dad, who were married sixty-one years this past February.