Dark of the Moon

Story written by ladylunaivy on Wednesday 10, February 2010

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Been strugaling to write as of late, but was digging myself out from all the snow we have gotten here as of late and there was this crow just sitting there watching me. The crow is one of my spirit animals and, well this little thing just popped up.

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These eyes that gaze into the darkness and see beyond into the spirit world are now set upon you. You and I, we are brothers and we are sisters; we are souls bound by time and by fate. Oh, child of man. I watch you walk this path, the same path you have traveled from the beginning. Not the beginning of this life but the beginning of all life and even before life as you now know of it. But you know this now for you have chosen this sacred path, and as you learn the secrets of the craft my spirit shall be your guide. The light of the moon is absent now. A dark moon hangs in the sky. The time for knowledge is upon us for the crone is with us. I watch you leave the lights of your city as you wonder into the forest. I spreed my wings, letting sacred air lift my body, as I follow you in my flight. Our journey is not a long one before we enter the grove. I perch upon a low branch, close enough so that I may guide you in your workings. You call your corners. I watch as each of the elements approach to watch over your magick workings; a spirit of Air from the East, Fire from the South, Water from the West, and Earth from the North. You call to your deities to bless the circle, and they respond by doing so happily. Lift your athame high into the air, child, then to the earth below as you call your layers. And now at last the circle is cast. You pay homage to the goddess and ask for the guidance of the ancient crone before you begin. Blessed waters are poured in the cauldron. You swirl your fingers in the water three times before your own gaze moves into the depths of this element. Here is where I will help you the most. For I am a child of Crow, and we see beyond the veil of the physical realm into that of the spirit realm. You seek knowledge from the ancients and threw me they shall guide you to the knowledge you long for.

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    beautiful Smile

    You going to continue this?
    sounds like an ELF in Warcraft speaking out to the human!
    pure PRO!
    Very nice. Need to watch your spelling a bit. Good construction.
    Very, very nice.