Sonnet written by Lone_Witch on Tuesday 2, February %19

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Broken wings they lay unfluttered, open. Lids of boxes full of dust. Upstairs they sit collecting trinkets, tokens As I ponder them with thoughtless lust. What do these cardboard tombs hold each? My minds desire remains untold To learn what family relics teach Those lost objects so forgotten and old. Up beyond the second floor shaky hands Do open ancient albums with faded photographs. Pages fall together like soft yellow strands. They whisper of family, they whisper of laughs. Lost memories still remain up above my head, Under dust and grey sheets still they tread.

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  • Nice imagery; this calls up memories of dusty attic spaces.

    Well written.
    - February 03 2010 04:38:02
    • Excellent.
      - February 04 2010 01:16:13