Revenge (Part 12)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Friday 29, January 2010

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A plan for salvation?

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Kasai's face turned a pasty white as her fingers entwined themselves around the collar. "Dai," the name barely slipped from her lips as she let loose that jagged breath, not bothering to take another. "Kasai," Rosuto let his eyes move over her face in search for any sign of emotion or thought. "He is lost," Mitsukai rubbed his forehead as he spoke. "It would be best for you to just forget about him now." Kasai's eyes flashed a hint of crimson that burned deep within as she gave Mitsukai a dead glare. "He will be freed," flames trickled from her mouth with each word, "no matter what the cost." Mitsukai's face showed a hint of uneasiness for but a moment as her thoughts raced threw his own mind. "Calm yourself," he forced out sternly. "Mitsukai," Rosuto spoke softly as if not really wanting to butt into this conversation. He let out a loud sigh, silencing Rosuto, and ran a hand over his hair smoothing it back. "You both want to kill Kuragari?" "Do you think it would work?" Rosuto asked with a partial glance over to Kasai. "In theory it would free us all," he replayed with a shrug, "but who knows how deep her magic goes." "Kokuzoku would know," Kasai said with a sly smirk. Both Rosuto's and Mitsukai's eyes fell on her instantly; Rosuto with a questioning look and Mitsukai with an unsure one. "If I can get close enough to her, if I can get her to trust me," her smirk widened, "then maybe I can get the information that we need. Perhaps it is time for the master to become the pet."

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    Kill Kuragari?

    Not gonna be easy.

    Heep it coming, and well done.
    spying, eh?
    let's c!
    Kasai is going to be a bad dog..

    I love it.
    I want to see how you kill the demon.