Revenge (Part 10)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Tuesday 26, January 2010

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Kasai gets a gift.

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"Now my little pet," Kokuzoku said in a soft voice, "I have a gift for you." Kasai arched a brow with a tilt of her head. "A gift?" she asked questioningly. Kokuzoku extended her empty left hand out to Kasai and began to chant something beyond the range of Kasai's hearing. After only a few seconds of this chanting she brought the tip of her right index finger to the end of her left middle finger and dragged it down to her wrist. As she did this motion a wisp of black trailed the path. Kasai stared at the black wisp warily as it appeared to be a small fragment of the thing that had imprisoned her not so long ago. Kokuzoku glanced up at her and gave a smile as if trying to reassure her. "This darkness will not be so unpleasant as what you have experienced before, my pet," she said and blew gently across the mist. The mist began to move and take form resembling a cat collar with a bell, but nothing more than its shadow. "For you my darling," she said and turned her hand to the side letting the collar slide off. The collar dropped from her hand then flowed slowly up to Kasai's neck where it latched itself onto her. The new collar felt like icy water and sent a chill threw her body. With a shiver Kasai forced a smile for her master. Kokuzoku ran a finger down Kasai's neck and over the collar. "I will always be near you now," she said and ran her finger back up her neck and under her chin where she left it there to linger, "and you shall always be near me." Kasai's lips parted as she thought it best to give thanks for the gift but her words never escaped her mouth as Kokuzoku's own lips were now pressed to hers. Shock shot threw her body as a thousand thoughts streaked threw her mind. 'Should I kiss her back? What will she do if I do? What will she do if I don't?' the questions raced threw her mind as she simply stayed there frozen and wide eyed. Before she ever had a chance to find her own answer Kokuzoku pulled her up from her kneeling position, with a surprising strength, against her body as she pulled back from the kiss. "Why don't you go play my little pet," she said softly, her eyes dancing over Kasai's face, "and when I am ready for your company again I will call for you." The only response she could find was a nod of her head. Kokuzoku released her as she began to stand. "You are free to go where ever you please, at least where ever you like within the grounds of the estate," she casually said as she moved towards the door of the room. "Ohh, and if you should need me," she glanced back over her shoulder as she opened the door, "just call for me. I do keep my sweet little pets safe." With a quick kiss blown to Kasai and a wink Kokuzoku disappeared out the door.

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    WOW! This is getting better and better. I am dying to know what comes of this.

    On another note; I saw a few places were a punctuation would have helped.
    Well done.

    The spelling and grammar are getting better all the time.
    waidda go!
    still wasn't ready for the LESBO act though!
    Not Gorean (thank God for little favors,) but definitely a hint. Nicely done.