Revenge (Part 9)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Saturday 23, January 2010

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A new master. (A really short chapter. Been trying to work on my story at work between drunken customers and the occasional fights that break out. >.> lol. Let me know what you think. It feels to me like it is a little ... off. -_-;;)

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"Kuragari," Kasai whispered just under her breath. The thought of her made Kasai's body go numb instantly. She knew she was not ready to confront her yet but it was the one thing she wanted most of all in this world. The look of rage slowly slipped away from the woman's face as a slight smile formed on her lips. "No," she said lowly and ran a finger over the throbbing red spot on Kasai's face. "I do not think I will give you up just yet. Even the most disobedient dog can still be broken. It will take just a little bit of discipline and a lot of punishment." Kasai bit her lip as she held back her true thoughts. She knew if she rebelled she would be thrown to Kuragari. "What do you want of me?" she asked in a soft voice that shuddered slightly as she half expected to feel a hand across her face again. "What do I want of you?" she said as she seemed to be thinking the question over in her head. "I believe I already told you. I just want you as my pet. Nothing more, nothing less," she walked across the room, as she spoke, to a chair that rested in the far corner of the room and when she reached it she simply let herself fall back into it. "Your pet," Kasai muttered as she partly thought it over. "It truly is not such a bad thing," she said and motioned with a single finger for Kasai to come to her. "I take excellent care of my good little pets." Kasai approached the woman as she had instructed. "What do you expect from your pets?" She pointed at the floor, "sit," she said sharply as if commanding a dog. Kasai reacted instantly and sat on the floor on her knees before the woman. "I expect my pets to do as they are told and as they are trained," she said softly and stroked the top of Kasai's head. Kasai took a deep breath as she forced back ever voice in her that screamed to fight back, to never bow down to another. "May I ask what my master's name is?" she asked in a voice that shook and cracked as she strained to control herself. "Kokuzoku," she answered with a pleased smile, "but you may simply call me Mistress."

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    what's next what's next what's NEXT!
    keep it coming gal!
    oh wow......this is good...and a little racy, which i like. Grin
    This is just fine..,
    love it.

    This is good, but yet it is sadly unsatisfying. I want more Grin