I am sad today

Autobiography written by nickrip on Wednesday 13, January 2010

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I have never liked or loved anyone besides her

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I could never kill anyone, except myself. For the past 7 months this girl has had a crush on me. Molly Bombshell. I provided her with a new last name that seems much more fitting. This gorgeous girl has been in sight for a long time but I never knew anything about her. I considered her too young to even think about and I was right. She is two and a half years younger than me. That sounds a lot worse when I say she is 16 and I am 19. Jailbait. **** my life. This girl is more extraordinary than you'll ever know. I have never had a hard life but I've always had trouble living. I've had a blanket over my head and only heard the world's disgusting whispers as their dark figures passed by. I hated school, work and people. I coped with it hoping for nothing and letting my brain dream in color and wake up to a **** reality. Did I mention that I don't curse? Only when I am alone and today is a real ******. That girl that had a crush on me, turns out she had more than a crush. She has an extremely strict father with a very nice gun collection. The guns don't scare me. In fact I think they are pretty freaking awesome. What scares me is that I am in love with this girl and today I am told to back off. It couldn't have been in a nicer way. He simply said she was too young and she wasn't ready for a relationship yet. This was much more pleasant than I am describing it because my small life was dropped to the ground and the floor didn't even want me. I wish I could cry. The father has had older daughters and they had boyfriends whom he would chase off by the dozens but this guy kind of liked me. He found some love letters we wrote to each other and they were obviously genuine and clean. We are the cleanest freaking people on the planet. She has kissed me once, that is it. I love her more than you will ever feel. This is why. Molly only does what she thinks is right. Molly has overcome more than I can imagine. Molly is the most innocent person on Earth. Molly loves me more than I love her. I love Molly more than she knows. Basically have been told not to talk to her until further notice which I know will be about 2 years until she is ready for a relationship. I talked to this girl every night for hours until I had to tell her to go to sleep because she would be too tired for school. She called me every day before first hour and talked to me while I was half asleep. Then we would text throughout the day expressing how badly we wished we could see the other, until that night when she would call me again. Now there is an immense void that has to wait a torturous amount of time before I can be with her again. My guts are tied in knots. I will wait forever because I have experienced a phenomenon that society marks as normal when divorce rates are at 50%. My love for Molly could never be smothered and I'll only give up if she asks me to.

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    I had a similar experience with my now wife's parents (minus the gun collection; this is the UK after all)

    For myself, all I can say is; I persisted and waited, and it was worth it.

    Well written; thank you for sharing.

    Nicely written. By the way, did you get the girl?
    Not bad. A little odd in a way. I married my sixteen year-old. I was nineteen at the time.I understand the feeling. We're still married too. 43 years.