Revenge (Part 8)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Friday 8, January 2010

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Escaping her prison.

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It seemed like an eternity had passed before Kasai heard words beyond the form of a scream, but there they were. The distant voice of a woman called out to her, "Kasai, reach for me. Put out your hand." Kasai did not hesitate to follow the directions given to her by this unseen voice and extended her hand out before her as far as she possibly could reach. Her hand protruded beyond the realm of the mist and she felt the sweet warmth of the air beyond. Suddenly something solid latched onto her wrist; it felt like a hand. She, in return, grasped onto the wrist belonging to the hand as tightly as she possibly could. She would not lose this single hope of escaping her prison. With a single quick and strong pull Kasai was ripped from the dark mist and landed on the floor with a hard thud. Kasai looked back at where she had just been pulled to find the dark mist beginning to quickly dissipate until it was completely gone within seconds. Her attention quickly turned before her. A tall, thin woman, with a pretty face stood over Kasai looking down at her. Her skin was the color of mahogany. Her hair was only a few shades darker then her flesh and was cut short hanging over her left eye. She ran her hands over the back of her tightly fitting, deep gold colored skirt as she lowered herself into a kneeling position. The woman's lips, which only showed a slight crimson hue to them, pulled back into a half smile as she locked her emerald eyes onto Kasai's. "My my," she spoke softly, her words elegantly weaved in an accent Kasai could not quite place, "are you not just a lovely little creature." She ran a single finger along Kasai's jawline and nodded to herself as if agreeing with her own words. "Who are you?" Kasai asked as she began to pick herself up. "You know, I have half a mind to keep you for myself," the woman went own with her own conversation, ignoring the words of Kasai. "You would make such a delicious little pet." Kasai was unsure of how to respond to this woman and decided to silence her questions for the moment as she began to get a nervous knot in her stomach. The woman began to move about the room, letting her fingers run over the furnishings that she passed by. "I always have the loveliest pets, but she always takes then from me at some point," she said and let out a sigh. "She says that I have excellent taste. I suppose I should be flattered." As the woman went on with her conversation Kasai glanced around the room to try and get a grasp on where she was. The room looked almost exactly like the one she had originally found herself in. She was obviously still in the mansion. Upon realizing this, Kasai let out a soft sigh and returned her attention to this woman. The woman, though, had suddenly gone silent. She turned around slowly, her eyes wide with a sudden rage. She began to approach Kasai quickly, her shoes taping loudly on the wooden floor and as soon as she was within range she brought her hand across Kasai's face in a slap so hard Kasai was thrown off balance and she felt something pop in her jaw. Kasai brought her own hand to her face and held the now throbbing spot. She opened her mouth, another loud pop sounded off as she realigned her jaw. "What the hell, woman!" "When your master is speaking you will not speak nor make pathetic little sounds such as you did," she spoke in a loud voice and crossed her arms tightly over her chest. "... What the hell is going on?" Kasai asked still rubbing her face. The woman brought her hand up before her then, with a smirk, closed it into a tight fist. Instantly Kasai's ribs felt like they were being crushed inwards. Her legs gave out from the pain but she did not drop and instead she lingered there in the air. The woman moved her fist in towards her own body more, Kasai's floating body following the movement till she found herself face to face with this woman. "I hate disobedient dogs," her words were sharp and almost hard to understand as her accent had become so thick from her rage. "Perhaps I should just give you to Kuragari now."

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    nice twist, eagerly awaiting more.
    Well done. Chapters 6, 7, and 8 go together very nicely.
    twist again? argh... now i am totally without a clue where u r heading.
    but that actually stirs up my intrigue.
    well done
    It's rolling along nicely; keep it going. Smile

    Well done.