The path of the Asmodian Cleric

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Wednesday 6, January 2010

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I played the mmorpg Aion for a while. It is really good and, well i desided to make a little story about my character. ^^ enjoy.

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Those white winged savages, they are the object of my loathing. So often does our paths cross. So often does their path end at that crossing. The smell of their blood always sends my heart flattering. Nothing energized me more then the spray of their life's liquid across my face. It was not always as it is now. The Elyos and the Asmodians were but one people. Once it was the Balar that we all wished death upon. In a single act of stupidity and weakness, the world as we knew it was destroyed. Those fools, they thought that the Balar would give us peace. In that instant the world was ripped in two. I acended not long after that rechid day. Then, I often wished for death. But such things are denied to the Daevas. I was forever banished to this new world we found ourselves in. A frozen waist land, void of light, embraced only by pain and hardships. As the centuries passed, slowly we changed. Our skin darkened to the shade of dusk. Our hands and feet slowly became clawed. Our eyes, heh, I was one of the first that succumb to that change. How to explain this. When the energy of battle is upon you, you feel it. Power and adrenalin. This is when our eyes would glow like red hot coals. And our wings, the sign of divinity, the sign of ascension, they became as black as the world around us. But with these changes came understanding. This forsaken world we had been thrown into was the very thing that made us powerful. We Asmodians have not only survived, we have thrived. We have been blessed by Aion. But with time comes change, and change came to us threw blood shed. Often many would look up into the sky, the other half of our world mirrored ours. Could others have survived as we have? The answer came to us, and it was yes. As our world had changed us so did the Elyos's new world. White wings and golden skin was all that they had earned. They had not been given the same tests as we had endured. Their world basked in light and warmth. They had found a way to enter our world and they had only one mission, to destroy the lower half of the world. They had come here to destroy us. I am not sure how we obtained the information, but both halves of the world were dieing. The magic that sustained us was slowly leaking out and pooling in the center of both halves, each side drawing out the power from the other part. There was only one thing that could be done. One half must be destroyed so that the drain could be stopped, and its people saved. And that is what has led me to now. My loathing for them, those weaklings that wish for the destruction all Asmodians. Aion has blessed us with power and endurance. We can not fail, and those white winged savages will pay the price for shedding first blood in this war. (Uber video!! lol ) [movie=youtube][/movie]

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    I liked itSmile
    Always wanted to play that game..
    I like the imagery.
    well done.
    I'm assuming this is more of a prologue?
    I have heard good things about the game and am awaiting your story.
    Good choice.
    "always sends my heart flattering"
    Shouldn t that be fluttering?
    waist land should be wasteland

    Some spelling errors.
    You could build on this and make it into a good story.

    A good job.
    ah! another fantasy fanatic!