Revenge (Part 7)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Wednesday 6, January 2010

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The wisp

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The dark wisp slowly lowered, like fog often does in the late hours of the night. Kasai's eyes never moved from this new finding and as soon as its decent brought it with in reach she extended her hand towards it. She hesitated, halting her reach as her finger tips lingered just beyond its ever changing form. It was not her mind that made her pause, perhaps it was simply instinct, but neither could hold her back for long. Curiosity won this battle and she proceeded. Her fingers entered the wisp and instantly a chill went threw her body. It felt and reacted more like icy water then fog. She let her entire hand dip into it. "Gods help me," the voice of a woman lingered in the back of Kasai's mind, the voice entwined with sorrow. "RELEASE ME ; PLEASE I BEG YOU ; END THIS!" a man's voice now screamed in her mind. Kasai jerked her hand back as these new voices began to enter her own mind. As she moved her hand back the wisp moved with her, refusing to release its grip now. "Mommy?" a child's voice now, "Mommy, where are you? I can't find my way out." The sound of the child whimpering and crying followed by silence before the voice whispered. "; It hurts. ; It hurts, mommy." With her free hand she began to franticly try and push the wisp from her hand. The wisp flowed out and away from her from the force. It lingered there in mid air for but a moment before expanding suddenly, becoming easily ten times its original size. The wisp did not hesitate and instantly wrapped around her like an anaconda around its prey. Kasai gasped in a deep breath in an effort to release it in a cry for help but the thick, liquid like fog entered with her breath and refused her any chance for salvation from this situation. The taste of ash and blood was almost overwhelming and she began to gag. It appeared to Kasai that the wisp began to thicken and the outside world beyond this fog began to fade away till she was left in absolute darkness. Slowly at first, an old sensation began to return to her in intensity. Her innards began to feel like they were twisting into knots and that energy trying to escape her body was suddenly back and burned worse then ever before. She pulled her legs up to her chest and laid in a fetal position, still choking and gagging from the wisp that she could not get from her lungs now. She had no sense of space nor could she feel any solid form. It felt to her like being in an empty abyss. It was distant at first but quickly built upon itself. Voices, hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of them, all screaming and moaning in a twisted and agonizing pain. Kasai forced in another choking breath and released a scream finally, her voice blending in perfect harmony to all the others that begged for an end.

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    Cool, well done.
    Well I certainly did not expect that. Is that now here never ending fate or will there be more?
    more to come! ^^
    Very good.