something wierd

Romance Story written by arman020715 on Wednesday 6, January %19

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somethingthat poped up in my wierd mind that i just had to write. Explicit lenguage may affend some people

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Abad is twenty years old, he's tall, blonde, green eyed, cute, gay and very curious but sometimes stubborn. His best friend is Gorlad he's an eighteen year old, blond, tall and somewhat overweight, cute, blue eyed, and gay. Well these two were camping in the middle of the Misty Forest when suddenly night fell. They both decided to sleep together in the same camp-house but Abad was very afraid of what Gorlad might do to him, but he decided to sleep with him anyway. And yes they did what two people do when they're alone, they talked through the night. But when the morning came they decided to go and bathe in a near by lake. When they arrived Gorlad said "Lets bathe naked" and Abad answered "Sure, but you naked first." And Gorlad did. He started striping his clothes off in a very sexy way. Gorlad showed what he was made of, he first took off his shirt and Abad started to get excited, then Gorlad took of his shoes and socks, then he took off his jeans which made Abad even more excited, and at last Gorlad took off his sexy boxers and Abad was super excited. Gorlad let see that he was clean of pubes, his medium sizes dick was light brown, and the head was in a pinkish to a reddish tone. His very round, soft and cute ass had little to no hair. This put Abad hard and he nude him self right away, he started by taking his shirt off, Gorlad could see his build abs, then Abad took off in a hurry his cargo jeans and because he was not wearing any underwear he was completely nude. Abad had very nice abs, a large penis and his ass was round, white and build. Gorlad said while drooling "I want to fuck you so hard you would have to stand for weeks." And Abad said "Well what are you waiting for!" And they had some good sex in the water. They kissed, they sucked each others cock, and then Abad penetrated Gorlad. Abad first started soft, moving slowly back and forth, Gorlad was moaning with desire. Then Abad started to move quicker and Gorlad was now screaming with a little pain and more with desire. These happened for twenty-five minutes, till Abad ejaculated. Then Gorlad said "It's my turn." Gorlad first started by licking Abad's asshole which made Abad scream with pleasure; then Gorlad started to penetrate Abad, and this Abad like the most. Gorlad started slowly then quicker, till he moved so fast it started to hurt Abad then after twenty minutes Gorlad came inside Abad's ass, which he didn't like much, but he didn't say anything he just thought about it.

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  • Not quite to my taste.
    Quite hard to follow,.
    Please think about double spacing your work.
    This requires a punctuation clean-up.

    well done.
    - January 07 2010 05:30:57
    • Wow! A bit intense. Not really erotic; more pornographic. Eroticism merely suggests.
      - January 08 2010 02:59:03