Cecilia' Romance

Romance Story written by Malicepoint on Friday 1, January %13

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A random begining of a possible story

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"Action" says the directer. "It was so nice of you to drop in for the evening" says Cecilia. "No, its my pleasure. I have nothing else to do on this golden spring day."says Jason. "Don't lie to yourself Mr.Jason, there are plenty of fine women on this country side. Who would die for your company." says Cecilia exaggerating the last sentence. "Well,come inside.I don't want you to think that I don't have any manors."says Cecilia while turning around pulling Jason inside. "That I cannot attest to but today I have something else planned for you" Jason says while pulling back on Cecilia's hand with the softest amount of force. "What might that be Mr.Jason?" says Cecilia in perplexed voice. "Why don't you see for yourself" says Jason while pointing to the small picnic-basket. "Oh, Jason you shouldn't have" says Cecilia jumping up and down. "Oh, but I did and you little miss are coming with me to my secret meadow for the best picnic you could ever imagine" says Jason in a false surprised voice. "Cut"says the directer Getting out of the directing chair, Mr. Rease, walks over to his star actors. He sees that they still are looking deep within each others eyes. "How sweet, I will be the one responsible for their love if they ever really hit the ball" thought Mr.Rease still looking at the two in a trance. "Thank you, for the wonderful acting skills, Mrs.Savannah" says the actor who plays Mr.Jason. "And thank you, Mr.Kleath, for your expert display of emotions" says Mrs.Savannah in a seductive voice. "Thank god, I never get actors who have spouses" thought Mr.Rease in in a excited voice. At this point both of the actors were still looking deep into each other eyes. "Mr.Rease can you leave the actors alone for a minute and come help me with this" calls a voice from behind. Both the actors jump and seem to be embarrassed. "But I was just getting to the good part" thought Mr.Rease with dissatisfaction walking away.

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  • This is much more, like I meant.
    The stage is set, the characters are introduced, and the storyline set up.

    Just a little grammatical and spelling clean up required.

    Well written. Smile
    - January 01 2010 15:19:51
    • Some cleaning is required. But you have set the stage to continue on.
      - January 04 2010 03:31:42