Impulse. Chapter 17

Sci-Fi Story written by blue_veined_hatred on Wednesday 30, December 2009

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Fighting fire with fire

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Chapter 17 OVER TRUM The Clan Heads, along with Chris and Nick, took seats at the conference room. Some of the Heads were not very happy to see the brothers seated with them and they did not try to hide it. As if we care! The seats were set around a huge granite table. Myu sat at one end. She was biting her lower lip. A land phone set was on the table before her. "Akiro, tell us everything you know,' she said coldly in Japanese "We were preparing to go to the party,' the speaker of the phone cackled out,' Tatsu faintly remembers a homeless guy tossing something at us. It was a flash bang grenade. Their vehicle came in next, which was most likely a van. Before we recovered, they were all gone with Mr. Fuma.' "Thank you, Akiro. You people stay at your stations. I am sending a team of experts.' She hung up. Then she buzzed the intercom and exchanged words in Japanese with Mitsuhide. "Now, Senpa (elders)! What do you think about our current position?' "Someone is a bad egg,' said Nobunaga,' the question is how high that guy is up the pyramid.' "I don't think he's an important dude,' Nick said, earning a couple of glares from the Heads,' at least he's not anyone who can gain some outsider access into this facility.' "That's why they did not follow Uncle Takiono. And the kidnappers did not demand any ransom,' Myu murmured in English,' I'm sure we all know who has done it.' Chris half smiled. Mark never moves a finger without a reason. "So we can assume that Mark demands only one thing: information,' Myu leaned back on her seat. "Only God knows what that devil is doing to him,' Mr. Akechi said in Japanese. "I think I know,' Chris talked for the first time, drawing the attention of the entire room,' Mark is surprisingly anti-violent during interrogation. He uses something far less time consuming.' "Truth serum!' Myu gasped. "Bingo!' Chris nodded approvingly at her,' that means we have to assume that Mark will eventually know everything Mr. Fuma knows. If we take the serum to be already injected, we probably have an hour in hand, if he can tolerate the serum that is.'

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    Yay! Welcome back oh mighty one.
    Great stuff!
    Pretty good.

    Oh, double spaces!

    great as always. ^^ you still have me on the edge of my seat!
    It's a page turner (or screen scroller in this case) Blue. Realy enjoying it.