Revenge (Part 6)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Sunday 27, December 2009

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How the dead heal themselves.

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Mitsukai forced himself up with a soft grunt. His eyes moved over Rosuto slowly and thoughtfully. "He will be fine," he finally said. Kasai glanced down at her hands that still rested on him. "What about this wound?" she asked with a sigh. "Can he bleed to death? How will he keep his ; organs inside? How ; What ;" she began to shake a little as she was becoming overwhelmed from all that was unknown to her. Mitsukai placed his hands over hers and gave her the slightest nod. "He will be fine," he said with a strained voice. It was written all over his face that he was almost completely drained of energy. Dark circles were beginning to show under his eyes and he looked as if he had not slept is weeks. "Remove your hands and I will show you how I keep us as alive as I possible can." He forced a smile for her and gave a motion of his head for her to remove her hands from beneath his. She pulled her hands from Rosuto's injury, leaving Mitsukai's hands over it now. Taking a few steps back she simply watched his workings. "Itonami, gouken, tsuchi," Mitsukai began to chant softly. His wings expanded fully then wrapped halfly around him and over Rosuto. "Itonami, gouken, tsuchi," his chanting continued. Dimly at first then quickly growing, a pale blue light began building around both Mitsukai and Rosuto. As the light grew in intensity it seemed to begin to move and shift resembling flowing water. Lifting his head upwards, Mitsukai quickened his chanting and pulled his wing up and back fully behind him still spread out as wide as possible. He held this posture for a full two more chants then released his wings forward in a single gusty flap. All the light that had built up around him rushed forward over Rosuto. The liquid light moved over his body then began to slowly be absorbed into him like water into dry soil. Once the light had disappeared into Rosuto Mitsukai finally removed his hands to revile that Rosuto's wound had been fully healed. Only his blood stained clothing remained to ever tell the story of the massive injury. Kasai stepped forward in astonishment. Her mouth opened to tell Mitsukai of her amazement but stopped short as her eyes fell on him. His already pale completion was completely absent of color now. "Rosuto's soul is safe," as the words slipped from his lips he slipped into unconsciousness and fell backwards. Kasai reached for him, trying to keep him from falling, but her fingers grasped only air and Mitsukai hit the floor with a solid thud. In an instant she was at his side and checking for any signs that he was still alive, figuratively speaking. No breath, no heart beat, but his eyes moved under his eye lids. "He is dreaming?" she thought out loud. She decided it best to let him rest and stole an extra pillow from Rosuto's bed. She lifted his head gently and slowly and pushed it beneath, trying her best not to disturb him in any way. With both Mitsukai and Rosuto sleeping Kasai was finally left with only her own thoughts. With slow steps she made her way over to the window that had so recently been used more like a door. Her dark eyes move over the landscape below. Encircling the mansion was a garden. From her point of view she could see patches of blossoming flowers of all colors imaginable. There was no visible point of entry into the grounds, at least from the western side from which her window faced. There was only the garden, followed by a clearing, then the forest that spanned out as far as she could see. She was about to turn from the window and lay down on the floor for some rest when motion caught her eye. It was barley noticeable in the dieing light of dusk but just above the outside of the window lingered a dark fog, like a shadowy wisp of a cloud. She tilted her head as she studied the wisp. "What the hell?" was the only thought that lingered in her mind on this new finding.

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    gettin betta! carry on
    Well done, great story.
    Keep on going. I like the short chapters. You keep an idea within each chapter.
    very good. You have a skill at keeping interest.