First Path

Poem written by Natasha on Monday 18, February 2002

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You take your first glance. A sight you will never forget. The rush of happiness flows through his eyes. As his smile shines across his face. You speak so cautiously. While he tries to stay calm. You feel the excitement plunge through your veins. And the intoxicating emotions charge around you. The touch of his hands give you strength. The words he speaks give you might. Your mind is in need, and your heart is in love. You find yourself deep within him. You are both lost in each others essences. A soft kiss on your cheek. Leaves you anxious for more. But you know he feels no anxiety. Because you are with him. And he is with you. Your mind is open. Targets of joy shower your conscious. As you look into his eyes. You see what he sees. You fear nothing, terror is no more. For he stands by your side. And will be Forevermore.

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