Winter Solstice (Midwinter's Night)

Story written by ladylunaivy on Tuesday 22, December 2009

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Happy Yule! ^^ a little insite on a sacred night. (and just a little story hehe)

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The forest is thick yet the light of the moon still manages to trickle down threw the bare branches of the trees like enchanted water. As I walk alone I take in deep slow breaths then release them just as slowly in a thick mist. The air is crisp and each breath I take fills me with a sense of perfect peace and perfect balance with all that is around me. Tiny glints of light catch my eye and I lift my head up just slightly. It has began to snow. The delicate ice crystals fall upon my face and I feel them touch and melt on my lips. 'A kiss from the Goddess,' the thought flickers threw my own mind. I am distracted from my fascination of the falling snow suddenly. The sent of burning herbs fill the calm night air. 'Basil?' I nod in response to myself and narrow my eyes on a distant flickering flame. "She is still there," this time I speak aloud and quicken my pace. Impatient to reach my destination I lift the heave robe I wear and begin to run. I feel my hood fall back and my hair set free but I do not care. I love to run and the caress of winter against my cheek only excites me more. The forest suddenly clears into a small grove and just a quickly I halt my movement. I dare not enter uninvited, into this sacred gathering place to the few that knew of its existence. An aged woman kneels beside a small fire that rested in the very center of this circle. She lifts a time hardened hand near the fire and drops a few leaves into it, her lips move producing words I can not make out from my place of waiting. She turns her head and lets her dark, wise eyes fall on me. "Ahhh," she speaks and struggles to stand. "I was beginning to think that you would not come tonight." "Were you waiting for me?" I hoped she had not stayed out in this cold just to see if I would show up. She picks up a small blade that rested on a brown cloth laid out before the fire and makes her way slowly towards me. "No child," her voice crackled slightly from age. "I would be spending my time out here until almost dawn anyways." She reaches where I stand and lifts the blade then cuts the air before me. A pathway is created for me to enter now. She takes hold of my arm and whispers to me, "How do you enter, child." "With perfect love and perfect trust," I whisper back. We exchange kisses on the cheek and I fully enter. I hear her whisper something behind me and know she is sealing the path that was created. Her ways were always a bit different then some of the ones I have seen and studied, but I think that was why I looked up to her so much. She followed the path that felt rite, not the one every one else told her was rite. When she is done I offer her my arm and she happily accepts the help back to her place by the fire. She does a small ritual with me, giving thanks to all the blessings of the deities. (The intricacies of such are a secret kept from those beyond the circle. sorry! ^^) Then, we talk. I ask her questions, probing her ancient mind and spirit for information and guidance. And she in return doing the same, probing me for my point of view and asking my opinion of all things. We do this until dawn then bid farewell to the sacred day past and greet the blessing of the day to come.

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    This is excellent!!

    There are one or two tiny spelling mistakes, but your writing is getting better all the time.

    Very, very, well done. Smile
    Nicely done. You could build on this, if you so chose. It is the foundation for a good fantasy.
    peace and perfect balance, the burning herbs, a kiss from the Goddess - a thoughtful and lovely piece of writing