Impulse. Chapter 16

Sci-Fi Story written by blue_veined_hatred on Saturday 19, December 2009

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Things get heated....once more

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Chapter 16 THE TRIAL The dais was cleared quickly by the attendants. Two Family Heads volunteered as seconds. Myu was checked by a female attendant for concealed weapons. Zaki was checked by Myu's second. The third Family Head was the referee, who was the least lavishly dressed among his colleagues He dressed in a suit similar to the one Nick had used in his disguise. Zaki and Myu received a katana each, on a wooden board. Nick and Chris remained untouched on the floor. "Ladies and gentlemen,' the referee addressed the crowd in Japanese, who were waiting at the edge of their nerves,' you are witnessing a first blood katana showdown. The rules are simple: there's only one round. Whoever draws the first blood, wins. No interference would be tolerated. Anyone trying to get involved will be harshly treated accordingly by them (he pointed at the men in black who formed a circle around the dais);.so without further ado; three, two, one;.fight!' With that he moved to the edge of the dais. Myu and Zaki started circling each other. Zaki made the first move, a blurry movement of his hand, followed by a sickening metallic sound as Myu blocked the attack. The duel went on in a rapid tempo and with a series of clashing noise created as metals collided. None ruled over the other. Zaki was stronger physically of the two, Myu was faster. Nick and Chris were as helpless as anyone else watching. Nick peeped into Zaki's mind, overflowing with over confidence.Oh shit! I gotta do something about it. Fuck the rules!Nick thought.Nick desperately tried to clench a muscle in vain. Waitta minute! I can still "read"!Nick helplessly eyed the "stun gun" kept on a table just some meters away from him. If I just could get my hands on that thing! He had an idea. It was quite a long shot but he did not have anything to lose either. Chris was totally engrossed in the duel. It took a few seconds for Chris to suspect that something was wrong. Someone was trying to read his mind.He looked at Nick through the corner of his eye (unable to move himself). Nick was staring at him too. Chris blew a gust of air through his nose to show that he was pissed. Nick did not stop. What the fuck is wrong with him?

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    As always, gripping, and excellent.
    hmm....improved. well done!
    Good and good.
    Format and punctuation cleaning required.
    great story thus far. can't wait for more. ^^
    Spelling Schmelling!!! I'm enjoying this too much to be bothered.
    Nice one my friend.