Revenge (Part 5)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Saturday 19, December 2009

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Into the woods they go. (was sort of short on time when i wrote, especally towards the end. -_-; might be a little ... scetchy ><)

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A distant animal sounded off in the silence of the forest, shattering the stillness that once existed. Kasai held her breath for a moment. "What ... what sort of animal would make such a sound?" she asked the question within her own mind. Mitsukai was unsure if it was intentional, was she asking him or was she simply asking herself, but he did not hesitate to answer. "An inu," his words lingered on the edge of a whisper. Again the animal called out. A howl twisted in rage and pain echoed out into the quiet. Kasai turned her gaze onto the back of Mitsukai's head. "An inu?" she asked him with soft words. He turned his head slightly in her direction just enough so that the side of his face could be seen but never let his eyes fall on her. "They are creations of Kuragari," He shrugged slightly and turned his attention back before him. "Perhaps they were once wolves, maybe dogs, or something else. Whatever they once were does not matter. Now they are soulless things and their only want in this world is to please their master." A twig cracked under the weight of something off to their left. How close it was could not be told as the snap echoed threw out the forest distorting the sound slightly. Mitsukai only turned his head to face the sound, those amber eyes scanning the surrounding area with both eyes and mind. Suddenly he turned his body fully to face the same direction and tilted his head slightly to the right. "Rosuto?" he did not try to soften his voice and simply used that natural deep monotone voice he possessed. Mitsukai slid his right leg behind him and put both arms out before him as if bracing himself. The air before him simmered and in an instance Rosuto appeared and moving full speed as if he had been running when he teleported. There was no time for him to stop and he slammed directly into Mitsukai. Mitsukai, in his stance, took the impact well. He was pushed back about five feet but he did not stumble nor was he even thrown off balance. Rosuto, on the other hand, was not fairing as well. He was practically doubled over, only standing because Mitsukai was holding him up. Blood poured from his right side, just below his rib cage. Rosuto had both hands tightly over the gaping wound, that being the only thing keeping his guts still within him. "Rosuto!" Kasai's voice was covered in concern and shock. "What happened to you?" "Fucking bastards," Rosuto managed to grumble out. "They keep getting faster and faster every time." Mitsukai let Rosuto drop down to the ground slowly, making sure not to jolt him around at all. "Your soul is still within you. You will be fine," Mitsukai spoke in a stern voice. A heavy breath from behind them sent Kasai spinning around to face the creature it belonged to. It was nothing she had ever seen in this world before. Death had long sense claimed this thing. Dark, empty sockets were all that remained for eyes. No fur lingered on the body, only diseased flesh and bits of mussel fibers could be seen where battles had claimed some of the protective skin. Over sized teeth were reviled, perhaps from an ever present snarl or from the flesh around its mouth shrinking form death and pulling back. Kasai glanced quickly back at Mitsukai and Rosuto. They had not noticed the inu. Mitsukai was over top of Rosuto doing something to his injury. She turned her attention back to the inu but as her eyes fell on the once lonesome creature she found that three more had joined it. "As intimidating as they look how dangerous can they be once they are set on fire?" the thought had only passed threw her mind and just as quickly she proceeded. Her lungs filled with air and with a single exhale the air burst into flames, consuming all within range. All four inu were instantly consumed, but there was no reaction from them. Just as they had stood there before they did now, except for the fact that now they were on fire. Rosuto now lay on the ground motionless. Mitsukai, though, stared wide eyed at the situation created by Kasai. Not only did they have to deal with four inus, now they had to deal with four flaming inus. Mitsukai's mouth opened as if he was about to speak but only a murmured sound came out. Rage and shock had mutilated what ever words he was trying to get out. Kasai did not even bother to look back at the look Mitsukai was most definitely giving her. Instead she charged at the inus without even a thought. She had been in so many battles over the years it was almost instinctual at this point. She had not even taken two steps when she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head that forced a flash of blue before her eyes from the impact. She dropped to her knees from the strike and turned to see her attacker. Mitsukai was standing over her with a quarter staff in hand. "What exactly are you going to fight them with?" he rolled his eyes at her and turned his attention towards the creatures before them. "Watch over Rosuto. I will lure them away. I can fly faster than they can run. Once I get them far enough out I will return for you both and we will get Rosuto back to his room so that he can recover," he paused and shook his head a few times, "and we will get you a weapon so you will at least have a chance next time." He did not give her a chance to rebel before he charged at the inus himself. With some speed built up he leaped into the air and took off into the air just slightly. He gave just enough room to fly over the inus to swipe at their heads with his staff. He made contact with two of them, but it was enough. With a few flaps of his wings he had put himself safely ahead of the pack but not so far ahead that they would lose hope of catching him. With the threat gone for the time being, Kasai turned her attention to Rosuto. He looked dead laying there. He was not breathing and blood had pooled around him from the injury, which his hand still laid over just tight enough to keep his innards in. She walked over to him and knelled down beside him. "Rosuto," she spoke just above a whisper. He did not respond. She placed a hand on his cheek trying to get any sort of response. What she felt was not what she expected. His skin was warm and still very alive feeling, very much the opposite of what she had expected scene he was indeed already dead. "Kasai!" the voice of Mitsukai suddenly filled the air. Kasai looked up to find Mitsukai dropping down from the air to land on the other side of Rosuto from her. "We need to get out of here before they find their way back to us," with out a pause he picked up Rosuto carefully so as not to agitate the injuries. "Hop on my back and hold on tight," he said leaning down just a little to she could hop up easily. "Just do not get in the way of my wings." Kasai looked at him with an untrusting arch of her brow. "Can you fly with that much weight?" "I can for long enough to get us back into the mansion. Now get on. He is not exactly light and the longer you wait the less likely it will be that I can get us back safely," his words were becoming impatient now. She clenched her jaw and did as he ordered, holding onto him just around his neck and aligning her body with his so not to interfere with his wings. He was a lot stronger then she had thought him to be. Even carrying both her and Rosuto he was able to get running fairly quickly before jumping into the air. He was a little slow to gain altitude but he was able to do so nevertheless. "When we get next to the window you need to jump onto the ledge and help me get Rosuto into the room," Mitsukai's voice was beginning to sound stressed. His energy was odiously beginning to fail him. Once reaching their destination Kasai leaped to the ledge rather gracefully but getting Rosuto into the window was not as easily done as said. Mitsukai was not exaggerating when he said Rosuto was heavy. He may have been short but he was nothing but mussel and could have easily weighed well over two hundred pounds. Mitsukai did most of the work to get him into the room while Kasai made sure to keep pressure on his wound, make sure that his organs stayed in him. Once inside Mitsukai placed Rosuto on the bed as gently as possible then he himself dropped to the floor beside the bed sitting there as he tried to regain his energy. Kasai, still with her hands over Rosuto's wound, looked over him then glanced down to Mitsukai. "Is he going to be alright?"

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    i will rate this 1 when u've editted. The tale is fine still, full of action. Still waiting to see what Kugari has up his sleeves
    This is coming along brilliantly.

    Consider using a spell checker, just to check the final text.

    very well done.
    not 'mussel fibers,' but 'muscle fibers.'
    'Mussel' is a shellfish.
    Other than that, nicely done. It's coming along very well.
    I am enjoying this tale very much.