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Riddle written by missy on Friday 29, April 2005

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There was a farmer who had a fox, chicken, and a bag of corn and he had to transport them across a lake. The lake is too big to go around so he has to us a canoe but it only fits him and one item. How does he get them all across without one eating the other?

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    The farmer takes the bag of corn over and leaves it there and then he takes the fox over and leaves it there. The fox will not eat the corn so he goes back and retrieves the chicken and takes that over with him and drops it off at the other side of the lake. They are now all over and none are eaten. Tada! Grin
    If he takes the corn, that leaves the fox with the chicken, which equals poultry meal.
    I'd say he takes the chicken, returns, takes the fox, switches the fox with the chicken, returns with the chicken, switches the chicken with the corn, takes the corn, leaves the corn with the fox, returns, and takes the chicken. This way, at no point is the corn and chicken alone together, nor is the chicken/fox combo unattended.